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Soul Cycle Boston

I'm not a huge spin fan--I just don't do it enough to get my body adjusted to the exercise. Running is totally different. But, years ago, Kelly Ripa took cameras into Soul Cycle, which, at the time, was a new concept. I was amazed at how she lifted weights while riding and have wanted to try it ever since!

My college bestie, Alex, lives in Boston so we took advantage of our time to workout together. It was like living in the same city again--so much fun! Here are a few things I learned at Soul Cycle for the first time:
  • First, you sign a waiver, get a tour, and cannot take pictures inside the studio.
  • The clip in shoes are complimentary the first time, but are $3 after that. 
  • The bathroom is heaven in gym terms--deodorant, ponytail holders, razors, and other self care items are available. 
  • Lockers are available for free and have a phone charging port inside (which I learned was a huge deal in Boston since I would pray my phone would make it through the day).
  • It is very high energy  and you do a lot of push ups while biking--new concept to me!
  • 5 songs, weights, then 2 songs, and you're finished. (Never mind that some songs are 6 minutes long). 
  • People wear sports bras and pants. Which, I did too! Totally out of my comfort zone, but thanks to the fact that I packed only long sleeve, winter running gear, I was too hot to care. 
  • Bonus: the lights are super dim so no one notices your sports bra.
  • Extra bonus: You are so wiped after the session, you could care less about what people are wearing/think!
  • Downside: it is $30 per class and you need to reserve a spot in advanced (Alex used the app)

I was so happy to get to workout and spend time with Alex! What is your favorite workout to do with friends?

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