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Running Through Boston Recap

I was so fortunate to travel to the Food and Nutrition Conference this past weekend. I met so many fun dietitians, enjoyed delicious food, and even learned a little!

I had a lot of "me" time because J.T. couldn't join and no other dietitians from work came so I explored by foot... a lot. Running is my favorite way to see a new city! The first day, I ran through Boston Common, which was only a block from my hotel. George was great, but the trees stole the show!

The weather was absolutely perfect and I was totally overdressed for every occasion. I didn't need 3 jackets and gloves after all... who knew?

From there, I went to the Freedom Trail to say hello to Paul Revere and see his city!

First up was the place where the Declaration of Independence was originally read.

Nearby was a Holocaust Memorial with only numbers of the victims because names wouldn't fit.

On a lighter note, a few weeks after I knew I was going to FNCE, I emailed Anne to see if she had a running group planned. I've been a fan of her blog for a while and was so happy when she agreed to on a Sunday run! Funny story-- when Kathleen heard I was running with Anne, she said I should email the Real Life RD, too! I didn't want to be a blogger stalker so I opted out of emailing her. How cool that she was staying with Anne so I got to meet her anyway! Total nerd moment but it's strange when online and real life combine! Plus, the girls were so great in person-- I was thrilled to run with them!

I would tell you to go check out her blog, but I feel like you probably already follow her!

You can read more about their experiences running through Boston here and here.

They also brought Rachael, another blogger, who was super friendly and easy to talk to. Her blog, Avocado a Day, is quickly becoming a daily read!

We ran 5 miles around the Charles river in the most perfect fall weather! If Boston was this perfect year round, I'd probably just move there!

 I joke with my RD friends that most dietitians have baseline similar personalities, and I am so thankful for that when I get to meet new ones and run/chat about nutrition, business, and life. It was so great to meet you all!

What is your favorite Boston running spot?

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