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Wellness Wednesday: Add Fiber with Chia Seeds!

Did you know that we need about 35g of fiber each day and the average American only gets around 11g. So, we are all walking around hungry, tired, and constipated! 

Are you looking to feel better, feel less bloated, and stay fuller longer? No, this is not a sales pitch for some wrap of false weight loss trick. It's more like... a PSA for my friend, fiber! Read some facts about fiber and then get started, today!

Facts about Fiber 
Recommended Intake: Children: Age + 5 = total grams per day; 
                                       Adults: 30-35 grams per day
What is it found in? Fruit, vegetables (including legumes), whole grains, nuts, and seeds
Example Serving Sizes: 1 cup Vegetables = 3 g fiber; 1 small apple = 2 g fiber

How can you add more to your diet?
  • Add a fruit and/or vegetable to each meal and snack
  • Make all grains whole grains
  • Add Chia seeds to your day
What? Chia ch-ch-ch-chia pet? Ok, let me explain.

I used to hate Chia seeds and never understand why someone would use them. Then, Virginia brought some chia juice for me to try and I liked it! But I'm not into drinking calories from juice, so I added chia to fruit infused water and have done so

The texture did take some getting used to, but it's so worth it! Why? I have not changed anything else about my diet (remember, diet simply means what I eat) but am less hungry at meal times and am more (ahem) regular. The additional fiber has really made a difference and I wasn't even trying to!

My regimen: Add 2 tablespoons of Chia water before lunch= more satisfied and full feeling all day!

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