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Video Series: How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label

If a book is out and a movie is out, I choose the movie. I know the books are "so much better" and give a whole new back story, but I just can't sit still long enough to finish one! 

For those --never going to read it, but forever screen-shotting it to read later-- kindred spirits out there,  it only made sense to make a video series to answer common nutrition questions. Because, let's face it, we want to learn, we just need the cliff notes version!

One of the main questions I get is how to use the nutrition facts label to make better choices. First, we have to know what all the parts mean, then, we can use that knowledge to choose healthy foods! View it here, or on Youtube by clicking this link.

I got the video idea from Becca Kay (who is way cuter and super fun to watch). Check her out for more nutrition focused videos (after you watch mine, of course!).

I hope you learn something new from the video. If there's a nutrition topic you want to learn more about, share it below or in the Youtube comments section!

Are you a reader or a watcher?

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