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Be Well Diary: 5 Birthday Gift Ideas

Another successful birthday is in the books and left me feeling loved and grateful for the people in my life!

1) Looking for a birthday gift idea? I am loving my new Avocado (from the Be Well Girls) print by Artwork By Kaitlin

2) Maybe a new shirt from Alabama Goods? Because, it is nice to have you in Birmingham. 

Photo cred: dear old dad.

3) Coffee drinker in need of a new--large-- mug? You know those mugs that look large but then end up with a tiny amount of actual coffee space? This is not one of those mugs. Please note, my new shirt, too!

4) Maybe you would like to wake up to this view? On a new air mattress! I knew I was old when I was super excited to get a new air mattress from JT for my birthday! 

This could be your morning view (minus my husband;)! Check out Joseph Carter Realty and get a new house for you birthday! ok, maybe not, but you see what I did there.

5) New running clothes are always a hit and Janey found the perfect shirt!

A new addition this year was a card from my niece!

Thank you to all who helped celebrate this year! You are really the best!

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