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Product Review: Dave's Killer Bread

I typically find bread to be high in preservatives and low in fiber and protein, so it is not a staple in our kitchen; especially white bread. So, when I was contacted by Dave's Killer Bread (DKB) to try their White Done Right bread, I was skeptical. J.T. on the other hand, was thrilled (grilled cheese on white bread, anyone?)!

Dave's Killer Bread proved to be a great option with 2g of fiber per slice and 3g of protein. The first ingredient is organic wheat, which means it passed my nutrition test. This is great news for many families who don't want to make the change to whole wheat bread, but still want a nutritional punch.

Without preservatives, bread lasts a week and a half at the most, and since we don't eat much bread, I knew the perfect group to share this artisan white loaf with: dietitians! I filled it with chicken salad and took it to a party where it was a huge hit! 

The coolest part is their Second Chances Program. DKB employees often have a criminal background, but are given another chance in life through employment. Haven't we all needed second chances?

Why I like it:
  • Delicious, white bread made with whole wheat flour
  • 10 whole grains
  • No preservatives or HFCS
  • 2g fiber per serving
  • 3g protein per serving
  • Second Chances Program

The only caution is that there are 110 calories per slice so it can make a sandwich higher in overall calories. But, with anything, no need to avoid it (without a medical reason) just look for nutrient dense foods- make your calories count!

For more fun information about bread, read how bread can actually be nutrient dense. Maybe it's not the bread, but the amount of overall calories.  

Try any of Dave's Killer Bread choices today! If you want increased fiber (which I always recommend) go for the 21 Whole Grains and Seeds or Powerseed variety. Sign up for the DKB newsletter for discounts and coupons. Find out where you can buy DKB by using the store locator.

I was sent free product for review but the opinions and views are my own honest opinion. Thank you DKB for sending the bread to try! 

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