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5 Ideas for Bringing Spring Into Your Home

I love Christmas, but shortly after, I am ready for a sun and flower filled room free of cinnamon scents. Are you looking to spruce up your home for spring? Check out these 5 tips!
1) Swap bed linens. Pack up the heavy, darker winter quilts and store them in air tight bags, or plastic tubs. Brighten your bed with more colors, white sheets, and a lighter, cotton quilt.

2) Bring in some plants. Spring is a time of renewal, plant some new herbs, or bring a new plant into your  home to brighten up the room with flower blooms! Remember to water it (I'm talking to myself, here).

3) Deep Clean. Throw open the sash and let fresh air flow in while you deep clean your home for Spring. It will give you a refreshing, new start for a brand new season.

4) While you clean, declutter! I have a love/hate relationship with stuff. I love cute stuff but I hate feeling overwhelmed with that same stuff. Instead of just re-arranging your clutter, if you haven't used it within the past year, throw it out. This includes last summer's clothes that you had to have but never wore, socks that have no mate, books you have already read, and that terrible, broken blush that you spent too much money on.

5) Add some fresh scents. Those Christmas candles are tucked away with other decorations and last summer's candle is long gone. Spend a few dollars (TJ Maxx, anyone) on a new, fresh, Spring time scent.

What spring home ideas do you have?

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