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Pine Hill Christmas Tree Farm= Home Depot Tree

Sunday afternoon we went to Pine Hill Farms in Tarrant, Alabama to look for the perfect Christmas tree. Until recent years, my family has always done a real tree so it is a tradition I wanted to keep for J.T. and me. Since this is our first married Christmas, we wanted to go find and cut our very own tree. 

When we got to the farm, we walked around exploring the different trees and stumbled upon reindeer!

And then, we saw him...Santa!

If you saw my picture on Instagram, let me explain!

I asked the lady in front of us to grab a picture for me with my camera; she agreed, but was having trouble. So I left the photo to show her how to work the camera and accidentally took a picture. When I got back to the car, I was going through the pictures and realized JT had unintentionally perfectly posed alone with Santa while I was helping the lady with the camera. It resulted in a hilariously, perfectly timed, photo that appears as if it were planned. I mean, look at JT's smile! Santa looks a bit worried since he was telling me to hold the button down. I couldn't resist sharing it--it took a lot of convincing. 

Then, we got the real photo. JT was less than thrilled (he said) but a photo's worth a thousand words. 

What we didn't find was a tree. I guess people go really early and pay for trees to be chopped later? It's the only rational we could come up with since there were hardly any large trees left and it's only the first weekend of December. Next year, we will check earlier!

We ended up at Home Depot and got a beautiful tree and some inexpensive wreaths. 

We took home our treasures and decorated while enjoying Christmas music and Biltmore wine (courtesy of Kathleen and her recent trip)!

And there you have it-our very first Robinson Christmas Tree:) (topper pending- we can't decide on Angel or star!)

When I was younger, our Christmas tree topper was an angel that my mom made years ago. I may have to get that one out of storage and use it this year for old time's sake!

What's your favorite topper?

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