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First5 App and a Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I won something off Instagram! The first time I won something was Pearl Jam tickets off of 103.7 the Q. At that time, I was like 12 and didn't really know who Pearl Jam was so I made a cassette recording of my voice on the radio and then sold the tickets for $50. I guess that's irrelevant, but is definitely my claim to fame. This win was a bit different, but exciting nonetheless-- a Quiet Time Kit from First5 App.

The First 5 App is a part of the Proverbs 31 ministries. I have been following P31 ministries for a while and was so happy to learn they had a devotional app that is not super lengthy. As weird as it sounds- when I don't feel like getting up before dawn to go to the gym before my day starts, I remember the part of the verse that says: she gets up before dawn. Sure, the Proverbs 31 lady got up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her family...tomato, tomaahhto...Strangely, it helps me get up and get going!

Anyways, my friend tagged me in the Instagram post and I tagged a few others and won the quiet time kit.  It is a wonderful prize that included a delicious candle, comfy throw, a heavy coffee mug, a Women's devotional bible, and finally a workbook for the book of Matthew. This couldn't have been more perfect timing since the Be Well girls are starting a bible study in January and we now have the perfect workbook!

This is what the app looks like on your phone. It is a free download based on the premises that the first 5 minutes of each day should be spent in devotion, prayer, and quiet time. My life motto has become "exercise and pray to keep crazy at bay" because aren't we all just a little crazy? With an alarm and a devotional, this app is perfect for helping me to fit both in before work!

One of my favorite aspects is the ability to set an alarm to bright and cheerful melodies. No more phone noise! Once you turn off the alarm, the app takes you tight to the devotion of the day. 

Thank you to the First 5 team for choosing me as your winner! We cannot wait to dig into the book of Matthew in January! Go get the free app now and start your devotions each morning. I am already enjoying the perks of the kit! After all, being well isn't all about food and fitness... it includes spending some quiet time with God! 

I do already have a really great bible so I feel like someone else could benefit more from the awesome Women's Devotional Bible that I won with the First5 quiet time kit. I would like to pass it on to someone who needs a new bible! If you are that someone (or have a special woman in mind who could use a new bible), leave a comment with your favorite bible verse below and we will choose a winner on Sunday, December 19th! 

Interested in joining our monthly devotional? Email me at for more information. We will meet in the downtown Birmingham area around 5pm and would love to have you!

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