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Be Your Best in 2016

Meet a runners favorite book: 1 Corninthians. Molly, our gym class instructor, always says strong people tolerate discomfort. I hope this post encourages you to be your strongest self in 2016. Not just physically, but spiritually and mentally too!
Discipline is a word that most people don't like. It reminds us of being kids and getting in trouble. But discipline, is just the opposite. Think you don't have it? You do. There is no self discipline gene. We have to make a conscious effort to discipline ourselves every day. When you are making your New Years Resolutions, remember to pray for the discipline to carry them out.
"I discipline my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified." -1 Corinthians 9:27
This scripture hangs above my desk so that I can easily see it daily. I love it because it doesn't only remind me that as a dietitian, I have to practice what I preach; it also reminds me as a Christian, I have to continuously strive to practice what Jesus preaches. 
It takes a lot of work and discipline to be well and being well, like life, isn't about the destination, but about the journey. You'll never arrive at wellness because that would mean the journey is complete. Being well is a daily, conscious effort. We have to continuously adjust and plan to make healthy choices, time to exercise, and to think positive thoughts. Excuses are easy, discipline is tough. I literally remind myself that my body is my slave. It is the vehicle I use to reach others. This life is about serving others, but we can't do that if we don't cherish and care for the vehicle God gave us to serve with. When I'm tired and don't want to clean, cook, exercise, or take time for someone else, I do it anyway-- because strong people tolerate discomfort. It makes my sleep and downtime that much more enjoyable, anyway! Excuses are easy, making your body a slave is the hard part. Think you don't have time? I know you're busy, we all are. But I always stop myself before I tell people I am "busy", because, so are you! We all have time for what we make time for. Excuses hold you back from reaching your full potential. Be your potential!
So, as you're setting your resolutions this year, keep these 3 words in mind. 
1) Discipline- comes from within. Remind yourself that you can apply discipline to each aspect of your life if you try. Remember the discipline it took to write your name on your paper as a child in school? If you didn't do it, you didn't get credit. We all have discipline, we just need to apply it to every aspect of life. Take that same discipline and get up early to clean, read the bible, or run before work. Don't be discouraged if no one notices. Even if people don't give you credit, you are doing it for a much bigger prize.
2) Motivation- comes after you get started. A lot of people say they "lack" the motivation to start something. But really, motivation only comes after you have the discipline to start. Motivation comes when you see what you started is working for you. You see changes and those changes are what motivate you to keep going. I have had many successful weight loss clients tell me they never really felt motivated until they simply started.
3) Persistence- after you find the discipline to start and the motivation to continue, you have to remember to be persistent. If you mess up, you're in good company, but be the person who keeps going and striving to make a difference--that is the road less travelled. Keep the discipline, keep the motivation, and find the persistence to make your body your slave so that you can use it as your vehicle to serve the world. 
Finally, remember to set SMART goals. Find more on that here.
What goals are you setting?

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