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Weekend Recap

Friday after work there was a beautiful sunset! I was pumped it was Friday and I had some fun weekend plans on the agenda. 

After work Rainie, VA, her roomie Liz and I all headed to El Barrio for dinner. This is by far one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in town! It so popular though you need to get there early to avoid a wait, especially on a Friday, I opted for the veggie quesadilla which comes with goat cheese + veggies + tons of spinach ( its so good)! I also of course filled up with some of their chips and famous queso. If you ever visit El Barrio do yourself a favor and order their queso and their margaritas are also awesome!

After dinner VA, Liz and I headed to the Dave Barnes/Matt Wertz concert, this was the last stop on their "2 birds 1 stone" tour. My college roomate loved Dave Barnes so she introduced me to his music in college and I have loved him ever since! I have also seen Matt Wertz before at Samford.  Dave Barnes is always such a comedian in his shows which always adds another element of entertainment. Their opener Tim Halperin was also great! I downloaded his album on spotify the next day!

Saturday morning started early with lots o' coffee. 

One of my friends and fellow clinnuts Hiba asked me if I would be interested in going to a conference on "Healthy Relating" with her church the "The Church at Brookhills".  It was put on by their singles ministry. While I am not a member there, you can still attend the conference. It started at 9am and went till about 4 in the afternoon. 

Also enjoyed a strawberry + banana smoothie for breakfast on the way there. 

The conference was a great. the counselor, Kelley Jones, that led the conference was very knowledgeable and offered good applicable advice on relationships. It was geared towards any relationship from dating, marriage, coworkers, friendships, and family. 

Lunch: Grilled Chicken Salad from Chick-Fil-A

After the conference was over I headed to the house I was dog sitting for to feed them and let them out before heading to dinner at Rogue Tavern with some of the clinnuts.

Meet "Harley" and "Little Dog": 

Dinner at Rogue: Turkey Melt + Sweet Potato Fries + Abita Triple Haze 

-- Sidenote: I would not order the sandwich again, but the sweet potato fries are the bomb!

-- Rainie and JT had the hummus plate to share, they had eaten a late lunch so weren't super hungry

Gosh how I love these sweet friends!

Sunday morning I slept in, drank some coffee + drank a smoothie + watched the news and then took Harley on a long walk. 

They live in Mountain Brook and the sidewalks and beautiful homes all around make it great walking territory. Harley is ~10 years old but you would never know it! This dog pulled me for 6 miles and then still had energy when we got back to the house! 

This is the view he have me for 6 miles!

Its officially looking like fall !

Lunch: Kale + Feta + Sliced Almonds 

Sunday Night was the first night at the Church of the Highlands "At the Movie" series. I have never been to this series  before but everyone says it is their favorite series. I would agree, very entertaining for sure.

After church my small group ate dinner at Jimmy Johns. Our small group attends the 6pm service every week and then goes out to a different place to eat every week.  Its' so nice to have a group to attend the service with .

The "gourmet veggie club" + all the "freebie" veggies on top

Happy Sunday! 

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