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Tuesday at Cafe Dupont

{Rainie} Tuesday started with a run downtown. The Be Well girls are taking advantage of the early sunshine since it's now dark by the time work is over. At least it's still warm!

Breakfast was 2 Oat Bran crisps with goat cheese and local honey. It is my new favorite!

Lunch was served in my trusty Christmas soup cup that I use year round. Merry Everything, right. Taco soup was lunch like every day this week because we had planned to make it for the horseshoe tournament but it was cancelled leaving us with oodles of soup! Not complaining, but we may take a taco soup break for a few weeks.

It's Tuesday so I make my biweekly Fresh Market trip after work to get $2.99 per pound chicken breasts and ground chuck. I usually buy 5 pound of chicken and 4 pounds of beef to store in the freezer. It makes meal planning much easier!

Yellowhammer Brewing company had a booth with sample set up and the lady convinced me to buy beer on Tuesday night. I took it home to JT and he really liked it! It's the Tobacco Road brew and at 9% alcohol content, it is actually pretty smooth. It was pricey though and $14 later, I had beer to show for it.

That night, the Clinnuts had an Abbot sponsored dinner. They are always so much fun because it's like going to dinner with my friends for free and learning some new info in the process! Kathleen went to Fresh Market with me and we parked at the loft to walk together to Cafe Dupont.

I had never been before, but they put us in a private section and set it up so nicely for us!

There was wine and beer for us to enjoy. 

 Clinnuts = friends. We realize this is a huge blessing!

Starting with some apps! The fried okra was delicious. The fried calamari, not my thing. But I love trying it all because I likely wouldn't if I were going on my own.

We learned a lot about malnutrition diagnosing and coding. It is a hot topic in pediatric healthcare these days since "malnutrition" increases a hospital's reimbursement rate by a significant amount!

First course was a salad with a light vinaigrette. Always a winning combo. 

I went with the salmon choice, but had to photo the beef as well. I tried Michelle's and it was a great choice too!

Salmon atop blue corn grits.

Beef atop potatoes with Brussels. 

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have bread pudding. Kathleen ordered it and I "tried" a pretty fair share. Delicious! But I would go for the Beignets.

The table was pretty 50/50 on dessert choice. I guess you can't go wrong with fancy dessert options. 

Michelle ordered coffee and started a trend that Kathleen and I couldn't resist taking part in. 

Here's Michelle, herself! She's one of our managers and is such a great coworker. These ladies really make work fun! I couldn't ask for a better work environment. I'm pretty sure one doesn't exist!

What makes your work department great?!

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