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The Start of Pumpkin Everything

Wednesday morning started early per usual with Molly's torture session  Crossfit Class. this morning was 45 minutes of planks, lunges, burpees, pushups, stair climbing, crunches, kettlebell swings, jump get the picture.

This is the position generally assumed when it is over....

For breakfast I had my usual overnight oats (home made yogurt + oats ) with shredded coconut from Trader Joes + ~3Tbsp. of canned pumpkin + a few sprinkles of cinnamon.

Since is the fall (even though its still in the 70's here in Alabama) I am the typical girl and love pumpkin everything. I had pumpkin pancakes on Sunday morning, pumpkin spice creamer yesterday in my coffee, I add it to oatmeal, and of course my overnight oats. I may or may not have gone overboard a few years ago and had the palms of my hands turn orange from all the beta carotene! I will try to not overdo it this year!

Sunday Mornings Pumpkin Pancakes: Recipe from StonyField Farms
-- I love this recipe (I substitute the white flour with whole wheat flour and use fat free yogurt vs. whole yogurt) they are super high in protein making them very filling! I drizzled them with some local honey and peanut butter 

Lunch was the usual salad: spinach + onions + feta + olives + still on a kick with the sesame/ginger dressing and of course some dark chocolate edamame for dessert (a Trader Joes favorite)

Snack: peanuts + chocolate chips

Dinner: Leftover sweet potato chili
-- Recipe from Chocolate covered Katie. She is a vegan who has a healthy dessert blog. While I now believe desserts don't need to be healthy you should just eat them in moderation I still enjoy her blog as she has some good (non-dessert) recipes on there as well. this is a vegan recipe but even my southern dad enjoys it.

I also had a yogurt with my dinner. My office mate Jennifer at work has a phobia about eating expired foods, I however will eat things until they start to smell weird. This yogurt expired Tuesday and she couldn't eat it so she gave it to me knowing it would not go to waste :)

After dinner Rainie, J.T., Virginia and I had plans to attend the Church of the Highlands First Wednesday service.  I love going to the first Wednesday services, they never disappoint! The speaker was Denny Duron, who is a pastor at Shreveport Community Church, with an introduction by Michael Jr. the comedian (who was hilarious)!

After church I headed home, packed my lunch and gym bag for tomorrow as we have Molly's strength class in the morning bright and early!

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