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Positive Stress?


Rainie and I kicked off this Thursday with Molly’s strength class.  Molly’s class never fails to give us a challenging workout!  Today we did different variations of planks, push-ups and abdominal exercises.  I know that I will be sore from this class tomorrow!  Kathleen went for a swim for a low impact workout since her ankle has been bothering her lately.  We missed having Kathleen in class with us! 

We got this picture on the second attempt!

On the way to the gym, I had a cup of coffee with Splenda and some of my homemade salted caramel mocha coffee creamer.  My creamer is not the most nutritious but it tastes pretty good!  I made the creamer with 1% milk, sweetened condensed milk, caramel ice cream topping, and salt.  Like I said, it is not the most nutritious!  I grabbed another cup of coffee on my way out of the gym this morning.  How nice is it that they give away fresh brewed coffee at the gym each morning.  I love the YMCA! 

I typically have a granola bar of some sort on my way out the door when I workout in the morning but I ran out yesterday so today I had to improvise.  I packed a 100 calorie bagel thin with honey goat cheese to eat for breakfast after strength class. 

For lunch today, I packed: 
Cucumber, goat cheese sandwich (100 calorie whole wheat bagel thin + herb goat cheese + sliced cucumbers)

Trader Joe’s crunchy curls (lentil and potato curls) have 130 calories, 4.5 g fat, 3 g protein, and 4 g fiber in 31 curls so these are a good substitution for crackers or chips in your lunch.  Thanks to Kathleen for introducing me to these! 

Apples (2 small ones) with peanut butter

When I wrapped up the work day, I grabbed some peanut butter and graham crackers to eat before I headed to the Birmingham District Dietetic Association (BDDA) meeting with Kathleen.  

BDDA had a great speaker tonight who spoke on stress management.  Everyone can use a little help managing stress, right?  The speaker was very entertaining and had us laughing throughout his presentation.  The main take home message for me was that stress does not always have to be a negative thing.  If we try channel stress for a positive outcome, it can sometimes be helpful!  They had some snacks at the meeting so I had 4 small crackers, 2 mini carrots, some dip, and a piece of biscotti.   
I didn’t really have anything planned for dinner tonight so I just checked out what I had in the refrigerator/cabinet when I got home and opted for a grilled cheese, apple, and banana for dinner.

That pretty much wraps up this Thursday!  Now off to bed so I can wake up to go for a run in the morning.  I love going to bed on Thursday night because when you wake up it is my favorite day of the week…Friday! 

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