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Magic City 5K + Roadtrip to Asheville

This morning started bright and early at 5:30 am, my family has plans to go to Asheville for the week. We are staying in a cabin outside Asheville in Arden, NC. We don't have a strict schedule but plan on relaxing, visiting the Biltmore, touring some of the many breweries here, hiking, driving the Blue Ridge Parkway, visiting the local winery, and last but not least the local Kombucha brewery (the only one in the southeast).

Most of my family and the dogs hit the road in the van about 6:45. Kelly, Michael (her fiance) and I all headed to run the Magic City 5K first thing.

Kelly is a Girls on the Run coach this past semester and her girls are running this 5K. they have been training all semester for it. Kelly's girls were all 4-5th graders and were not running low in the character department. They were all so funny and did great in the race!

Also, something was so fun and relaxing about running a 5K vs. half marathon, no preparation or organization required compared to a half in regards to food, hydration, etc.

They have a 1/2 marathon distance associated with the race as well. It seemed very well organized and had great post run race food (oranges, bananas, bagels with PB and nutella, trail mix, chocolate milk, cheez-its).  They also offered some local peanuts and some fig bars (healthier version of a fig newton).

You finish on the field at Regions which is also neat!

After the 5K was over we hit the road in Michael's truck, after the post race Starbucks run of course. It was about 35 degrees for the race this morning so we needed to thaw out for sure.

Asheville is about  a 5 1/2 hour drive from Birmingham so about 3hrs. in we stopped for lunch. We opted for subway. Kelly and I both got their salads. I got mine with chicken + spinach + sweet onion dressing + all the veggies (minus jalapenos).

We also snacked on some homemade granola bars and home grown satsumas (from the fruit trees in Michael's yard) in the car today.

We got to Arden just in time to see the sunset on the back porch of the cabin.view is amazing and the cabin is adorable! But these mountain back roads were no joke getting here. Thank goodness we were in a truck!

We made taco salads for dinner and  enjoyed some local beer while watching The Parent Trap. Isn't it funny how you remember every line to a movie when you haven't seen it in years??!!

                                                            Vacation is off to a good start!

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