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4 Ingredient Dark Chocolate

Everyone told me the first few months to first year of marriage is the hardest. I know everyone's story is different, but the last six months of my life have been the easiest, least stressful, most fun months I have ever had. Now, let me be clear, for the first 2 months I was just tired. I mean, I was used to going to bed at 9pm and all of a sudden we were staying up for Netflix and cookies past 10 pm (which I don't recommend) then getting up to run at 5 (which I do recommend). Five pounds and an entire series of Revenge later, we decided we should start acting like normal people (and that I should get rid of those 5 pounds before they become 15 --ok I decided that one).

Around our 3rd month of marriage I told JT we should have gotten married sooner...then we both laughed and's probably been so easy, because we did wait so long. Either way, if the rest of the year shapes up like the first half, I won't even need that folded up piece of paper we wrote "marriage is hard work" on in premarital counseling.

Here's hoping  working --because that's what we do. We work to not make each other mad, we work to not fight over small things, we work to make each other's lives easier. At the end of the day, it is worth all the work. We aren't perfect, but we don't try to be, and that's ok. Besides, I keep finding that the more perfect people try to be, the more they feel defeated. When I get mad, I go run or eat chocolate...Depends on the day. My friend Joanna would call that Balance in Practice.

JT doesn't eat chocolate, so I needed to share this recipe with you fine folks so that someone else can try it!

Kathleen first told me of this super easy recipe. Virginia made it too so my FOMO kicked in and I had to try it. I threw in some walnuts and called it a day!

  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup melted coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup real maple syrup (more or less to taste)
  • 1/4 cup chopped walnuts
  1. Line an 8x8 dish with parchment paper (or foil, but parchment is better) 
  2. Mix all ingredients together in a medium bowl
  3. Pour mixture into the paper lined dish and refrigerate for at least 3 hours, or freeze for about 1 hour.
  4. Remove from refrigerator or freezer and remove from the paper
  5. Break into desired pieces and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer

Polka Dot "R" plate from Target

Now, if I could work to get those wedding photos on Facebook!

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