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Workout accountability + "Getting Involved" with Charlotte Gambill

We mixed it up this Wednesday and ran in the morning rather than going to the cross fit class at the Y.  Virginia is going out of town today and will be gone the rest of the week so we squeezed in one last trio workout.

 Gosh,  I am so grateful for these awesome workout buddies. If you are someone who lacks motivation and consistency with exercise, I would recommend finding a workout buddy who can hold you accountable, it really makes all the difference. 

While we were getting ready at Rainie's apt, we all enjoyed a cup or two of coffee. I might be a little bit of a coffee snob, I will admit, and one of my favorite (and affordable) brands of coffee is "eight o'clock" vanilla, caramel macchiato or hazelnut flavors. Rainie made a pot of the hazelnut flavor and it was delicious, just added a little milk,  no flavored creamer needed with this awesome coffee. 

I ate breakfast when I got to work. Overnight oats; milk + chia seeds + oats + almonds + raisins 

Morning snack: another one of the Minimalist bakers 5 ingredient granola bars, I have not gotten tired of them yet they are just so delicious!

Lunch was the usual salad: Spinach + bleu cheese + almonds + strawberries + vinaigrette dressing 
-- I promise there is more toppings than it appears, they all just sank to the bottom

Snack: banana + peanut butter

After work I headed out to run some errands before church. 2 of my sisters have birthdays in October a week apart. So I was on a mission to pick up their gifts and have them ready for them this weekend when we celebrate.

Dinner: I packed a dinner knowing I would not have time to really stop and pick up anything and did not want to wait till after church to eat.

Greek yogurt + granola + apple

One of my favorite things about fall, how delicious the apples are!

I got my sisters presents and headed to the First Wednesday service at Church of the Highlands. They have a worship service open to anyone on the first Wednesday of every month, its always packed but worth fighting the traffic! I met Rainie and JT there, and Kayla (another clinnut) + her roomie came as well! 

I do love going to the First Wednesday services, the music is always so great and the speakers are different every month and are great as well. Tonight's speaker was Charlotte Gambill, she is all the way from England. She is hilarious and takes stories from the bible and applies them to everyday life making it very applicable. She talked a lot about reaching out and getting involved in peoples lives that need  help, even if its not convenient. I would highly recommend listening to her sermon. Here is the direct link :

Happy Hump day Friends! 

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