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Trader Joe's is in Birmingham!


Happy Saturday Friends! 

Today has been a great day! It started with a long run on the Lakeshore trail with some great cool running weather.

Followed by the traditional post run coconut water, its so refreshing:)

After our run we headed to pepper place to pick up a few things.  I got some arugula there last weekend from the Jones Valley Urban farms table and it was awesome, so fresh and delicious. It was about a million times more flavorful than the kind you buy at the grocery store. I have enjoyed mixing it in with my spinach in my salads. I just had to go back this week to get more!

After Pepper place we decided to fight the crowd (which turned out to not be bad at all) and head to Trader Joes! Unless you have been living under a rock in Birmingham, you know that Trader Joes opened a new location at the Summit this week! No more stocking up in Atlanta or Nashville on your favorite items when heading back in to town, you can go anytime! Its a dietitians dream and to say the least, we have all been excited about the opening in Sweet Home Alabama for quite a while.

My family has already been a few times this week, but I haven't made it yet and I just couldn't wait any longer. Not that I really needed much as we are pretty much stocked up at home, I just wanted to scope it out and gain the full experience.

I have few Trader Joe's staples I love which include:

Dark Chocolate Covered Edamame

Lentil Chips, I don't joke around about these, go get yourself a bag!

A definite new found favorite, greek yogurt based guacamole! This stuff is seriously amazing, you would never guess its yogurt based. Its 50% less fat and 40% less calories than typical guacamole but 100% of the flavor. Do your self a favor and go get some now!

Another clinnut, Emily enjoys their chocolatey cats. Beware: they are addicting but delicious.

I also wanted to try their protein powder, I went for the vanilla to add into my fruit smoothies. It was $12.99 for the tub which was 16oz, 15 servings.. So its about the same price as other protein powders I have bought without any sketchy ingredients. I also bought some unsweetened almond milk and unsweetened coconut. I enjoy the coconut on top of some granola and yogurt. I use the almond milk to drink by itself, add it to make overnight oats or as a base for smoothies.

This is about all I bought today because, like I said, my sister and mom have both already been this week. We have enjoyed some fresh raspberries and blackberries. She also bought some limited edition Pumpkin butter to add to pancakes or toast.

Virginia bought a few more staple items today than I did. Here are her finds :)

Now over to Virginia to share her finds:

{Virginia} I have been looking forward to the day that Trader Joe's would finally come to Birmingham and that day is finally here! 

I picked up the ingredients for a delicious salad:   Herb salad mix, honey roasted almonds, orange flavored cranberries, grape tomatoes, honey crisp apples, and goat cheese.   I also grabbed some coconut flakes to use when I make the minimalist baker's 5 ingredient granola bars.

I was very impressed that the honey crisp apples were $5.99 for a 4 lb bag!

Can you tell we are excited about Trader Joe's?!?!

I went back to Trader Joe's later this afternoon to pick up a few items for cookies that I am going to bake for an upcoming party.  While I was there, I grabbed a couple of signature snacks including sea salt caramels and chocolate, peanut butter sea salt truffles.  These will make excellent treats to give a friend if they are having a bad day or if I  just want to let someone know that  am thinking about them.

Trader Joes makes for a very enjoyable shopping trip (vs. Walmart or your average supermarket) and high quality foods, at prices that are very affordable. Im so pumped its now in the Magic City!  

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