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Trader Joe's Finds in Action!

Today we decided to do a morning run on a Monday!  Waking up at 5:30ish on a Monday morning was tough but once I got a cup of coffee and got up and moving, I was glad I did! 

I grabbed a granola bar because I had to have something that I could eat on the way to meet the Be Well girls for our morning run.

Meeting Rainie and Kathleen for runs/workouts is seriously always the highlight of my day!  I just love these girls! 

Morning workouts always leave me feeling pretty hungry by about 10am so I grabbed a snack.  I had sweet potato tortilla chips with Trader Joe's Guacamole made with Greek yogurt.   The guacamole is delicious!  If you didn't already know this, I am obsessed with Trader Joe's!  Trader Joe's has so many unique, delicious specialty food items!

For lunch, I made a salad with my Trader Joe's purchases from the weekend.  This salad has herb salad mix, a honey crisp apple, cherry tomatoes, craisins, almonds, honey goat cheese, and greek yogurt balsamic salad dressing.  It was a really good salad if I do say so myself! 

My salad wore off by about 4:30 and I needed a snack so I grabbed a couple of mini bags of Halloween pretzels and 3 fun sized Hershey bars from the office snack stash.  Snacks around the office can be so tempting and sometimes I fall into the temptation!   

Elizabeth and I had a roommate dinner.  We cooked a thin crust ham, onion, and cheese pizza from Trader Joe's. 

Elizabeth makes the best salads!  I can't even remember what all went into this salad but it was delicious!  I think it had an apple, blackberries, almonds, and crispy onions.

That pretty much wraps up Monday!

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