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The Clinnuts Do Halloween + National Oatmeal Day

This morning I slept in (meaning till 5:45) and opted to skip the usual Thursday 5:40 am "strength" class for a little more sleep. We went to see A Thousand Horses last night at Rogue Tavern and I didn't get to sleep till late. This was the last of the free country concerts at Rogue Tavern for the season, they are always a good time,  we had to celebrate Virginia's last night in her 20's!

Today also happens to be National Oatmeal day! I had to celebrate and get a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, it was from the cafeteria so nothing fancy but it did the job! I added some raisins and pecans on top.

Lunch was a spinach salad + onions + mushrooms + hemp seed + bleu cheese.

Snack: granola bar -- forgot to take a pic but here is the link to them, they were quite delicious, tasted like apple pie :)

After work I squeezed in a run around downtown. I ran solo as Rainie and VA went to the strength class this morning.  It has been raining here all week and this afternoon was the first time we have seen the sun since Sunday! I think I might have developed a Vitamin D deficiency it has been so gloomy around here, so I was super pumped to run today!

 I changed back into normal clothes and headed to Emily and Katie's annual Halloween Party.

Emily loves Halloween and always loves to have a party and make her famous graveyard cake. It also happens to be Virginia's actual birthday so it was a combo Halloween / Birthday party! Most of the Clinnuts came and it was a blast!

We ate lots of good food including; fancy grilled cheese, wheat thins/cheeseball, crackers and goat cheese...are you seeing a trend? the clinnuts love cheese!

Emily also made pumpkin chili (not pictured)! For dessert we had the graveyard cake and some Halloween bark. 

I made the Halloween bark for a party last weekend and it was a hit so I made another batch for this party. It consisted of white chocolate + candy corn + peanuts + pretzels + oreos + reese pieces! Great dessert for the Failure to Thrive people ;)

After all our delicious food had settled we played a lot of Just Dance for the rest of the night, I will let the pictures speak for themselves :)

Just Dance = Great form of exercise! 

Happy Halloween Eve people! 

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