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Monday Runday

This morning I took advantage of the slightly lighter traffic (since its Columbus day) and slept in till 6:30. Columbus day is not really a holiday for anyone whose works at a hospital but hey, its less traffic so that's one positive! I will try not to think about all the state employees, teachers and bankers who are off today :)

Breakfast: Greek yogurt (plain, fat free from Chobani) + granola + sliced almonds

I am loving this granola btw! (I got it as SAM's, not sure where else they sell it)

Lunch: Salad which consisted of spinach + leftover broccoli + bell pepper + bleu cheese (its under there somewhere I promise) + this dressing . Our cafeteria at work has this salad dressing in packets so when I forget to pack my own salad dressing I get some from there. I am not a ginger lover but I do like this dressing so all you ginger haters out there don't be afraid to give it a try its really not overly gingery!

A nice addition to my lunch today: leftover homemade pizza with whole wheat crust + pesto + mozzarella cheese. We had pizza night on Saturday for my sisters birthday and made a few homemade pizzas, the West fam does not joke around with pizza making. I will do a blog post soon on all our homemade pizza and crust recipes soon as that's enough for a whole post on its own :)

Snack: the go to staple --Peanut Butter + banana

After work the trio headed out for an afternoon run, its definitely my favorite part of a Monday! It is feeling great around Birmingham right now, it was about 75-80 degrees and sunny and no humidity, seriously my favorite running weather!

We stopped in Railroad park at the end of our run for a few pics and enjoy the weather. Sorry I am not the most coordinated one of the bunch and always seem to fail at these least it provides some comedic relief.... as I and everyone around me can laugh at myself.

This also frequently happens I have a lot of Rainie selfies on my phone from the self timer pics gone bad. Also this remind any one else of Honey I Shrunk the Kids?? Now that's a throwback to the 80's for ya!

Finally a decent one!

After our run I headed home for dinner with the fam. It was leftover/clean out the refrigerator night so I had some celery and peanut butter + a small bowl of granola with almond milk. Not exactly a "meat and three" type of dinner but it was still good!

Happy Columbus day!

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