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John's City Diner Happy Hour (Restaurant Review)

Sorry the Be Well girls went a little MIA last week, it seemed to be busy week for all of us! It was busy with fun activities, so no complaints here, just didn't have enough time to squeeze in a blog post!

One of the fun things I did last week was happy hour with some nurses that I work with. They are all awesome and let the dietitian hang out with them ;) We try to do happy hour on a regular basis, always trying out a new restaurant around town.

 This time we opted to try John's City Diner downtown on Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. I have eaten there once, before the Garth Brook's Concert (best concert ever btw!) in June but have not been back since. I ordered a burger and side salad and I remember it being amazing! One of my favorite parts of the restaurant is the mural on the side of the building!

Pre - Garth Brooks back in June

We always go straight from work since a lot of us live far outside of downtown and always sip on come cocktails before deciding what to eat. This week I was feeling a beer, I tried the Widmer Bros Bourbon Barrell Aged Ale and it did not disappoint!

Just an FYI they open at 5pm for dinner but let you sit at the bar starting ~ 4:30. So we opted to all sit at the bar since us early birds got there before 5:) It was quite nice we had the restaurant to ourselves since we were there that early.

Since happy hour is 1/2 off their small plates we all opted to get 1-2 small plates to enjoy. I opted for the pimento cheese which came with soft toasted pita bread to spread it on. It was a huge portion of pimento cheese and definitely filled me up!

The most popular choice of night seemed to be their mac n cheese (officially called "Not your Momma's mac-n-cheese" ) which I think everyone ordered except for me. Call me crazy but I'm not the biggest mac-n-cheese fan, but all the mac-n-cheese lovers enjoyed it!

Another hit that might seem surprising was the brussel sprouts. The server said they flash fry them and them saute them in their house seasoning. I tried one of Lindsey's and they were quite delicious!

After we had all filled ourselves with great beer, wine and delicious food we headed outside to take a picture by the famous "It's nice to have you in Birmingham" sign.

The conversation went like this:
Me: "Guys we have to take a picture outside by the sign, its tradition if you eat here!... oh we need to find someone to take it though?..."

Robyn: "Wait, I have a selfie stick!!" She proceeds to pull out the selfie stick from her bag, which provided a good laugh for everyone as well as a convenient way to get everyone in the photo!

Always a fun night with these girls! So grateful to enjoy my job as well as the people I work with :)

And next time your up for a Happy Hour check out John's City Diner, it was a great experience!

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