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Greek Festival! Opa!


As usual, I had a cup of coffee and a light breakfast (Kashi dark chocolate coconut bar) before heading out to meet Kathleen and Rainie for morning run before work. 

Today it was a little misty outside but we just pushed through and ran in the mist that turned more into rain by the end of the run!  We cut our run a little short today since we got off to a little bit of a late start and only ran ~3.3 miles.  Kathleen ran a little more while I showered so she could make it an even 4 miles. 

For a mid-morning snack, I grabbed 2 BabyBel Lights.

Lunch today was what I have been having all week which is a salad.  Today I substituted the pear for a granny smith apple and I used light balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing made with greek yogurt.  Other than this, it was the same as the salad I had earlier in the week with craisins, almonds, and goat cheese.  I grabbed another bag of BBQ Baked Lays and had a cup of Chobani Double Chocolate Chunk Greek Yogurt. 

Now let the fun begin!  We headed to Antiques in the Gardens at the Botanical Gardens where we were media guests and were able to sit in on a panel of "tastemakers" who spoke about their businesses and inspiration.  The topics were anything from interior design to magazines and cookbooks.  More about this to come in a later post so come back in a few days to hear more about this event.  I will say that they had a delicious spread of goat cheese provided by Stone Hollow Farmstead.  I have had this goat cheese before at The Pantry in Crestline Village and it never disappoints! 

Next, we headed downtown to meet JT and Liz at the Greek Festival!  This is an annual event in Birmingham and the food is AMAZING!  Obviously the word got out because there were SO many people there, but we lucked out and found a seat! 

Kathleen, Rainie and I got the Gyro (beef and lamb) with a Greek Salad.  I also got a side of "pitas" which was filo triangles filled with feta cheese or a spinach/feta mixture.  Liz got branched out and tried the Pastichio (noodles, beef, tomato sauce and cream b├ęchamel sauce) with a side salad and the "pitas". 

Greek salad

We hit the dessert line but Rainie and I had to use some serious self control to keep our no dessert for a month streak going!  When you see the pictures of the desserts, you will understand why it was hard to hold back! 

Kathleen got the almond cookie. 

On our way out of the Greek Festival we walked through the Greek Market and Kathleen picked up an interesting Greek food item made out of ground sesame seeds.  The one that Kathleen chose was called Halva and had almonds in it. 

On first taste, it was a strange texture that I would describe as crumbly and a little gummy on the outside. 

Unsure about it?  

When you try it again and know what to expect, it is pretty good because you know what to expect.  I would not be able to eat a lot of it,  but I guess that is good since it is a pretty calorically dense food! 

I think she likes it now!


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