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Fall Candles from Koukla's Corner


I have a confession to make, I don't really like pumpkin spice flavored things. I tried... I mean I bought a half flavored PSL to save calories and to save my image as a basic white girl, but I just wasn't having it.  The scent, on the other hand, I do love!

Remember Alexis from Koukla's Korner and her deliciously fresh summer scents? When she contacted me and offered wonderful fall options, I had a hard time deciding which to choose but I knew I couldn't go wrong with pumpkin. 

Alexis sent me an 8 ounce Pumpkin Souffle soy candle and I have lit it every day since. The warm, sweet aroma of pumpkin, sugar, and butter are lightly mixed with nutmeg for a delicious and warm fall scent. 

These candles make perfect gifts for housewarming parties, birthday gifts, and even a fall hostess gift. Go to Koukla's Korner today and pick one of these seasonal scents to share with your loved ones for the beginning of the holiday season. 

The Collection:
Apple Harvest - Red Jar // bright fruit notes of ripe gala apples and nutmeg
Pumpkin Souffle - Yellow Jar // sweet buttery sugary goodness mixed with natural spices and pumpkin
Cinnamon - Brown Jar // spicy true-to-life aroma
Pumpkin Pie - Orange Jar // pumpkin infused with whipped cream, vanilla, natural notes of ginger and cloves

Alexis always sends a sweet, handwritten note in the packaging for a personal touch! Not to mention, super fast shipping- I got mine in two days!

Check out Koukla's Korner on social media! // Instagram: kouklaskornerllc // Instagram: unpolishedandpretty
Koukla's Korner LLC

                                                    What scent would you choose?

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