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Why do I do this Wednesday?

Wednesday morning started bright and early again with our 2nd week of Molly's Crossfit class. This week definitely did not disappoint. We did everything from running the stairs, weighted lunges on the bench, jump squatting on to the bosu ball, wall ball throws, to crunches, swinging the rope (not sure what to call that one), and weighted plank walks. I am going to be sore for days.....

Contrary to what this picture looks like Rainie is standing on a bosu ball, not on Virginia's back! Virginia was doing the weighted ball pushups. :)

Somewhere in the beginning to middle of the class I asked myself why do I do this to myself again, I could be quite cozy in my bed at 5:40 in the morning? Then when its over, I realize why:
1. exercise endorphins , they never hurt anyone :)
2. feeling of accomplishment at the end of the class
3. To get stronger, as much as sometimes I don't think so, I do think I am getting stronger from these strength and crossfit classes which allows me to get better at running, biking and just activities in daily climbing the massive amounts of stairs at work

Kelly (sister) also decided to join us this AM as she had to be at work earlier than usual today. She is in great shape but tends to stick with running, biking and swimming. So after the class was over Kelly assumed this position:

Breakfast: overnight oats ( skim milk + oats +  chia seeds + raisins + almonds) enjoyed on the way to work

Snack: homemade granola bar, I am still loving the minimalist baker's 5 ingredient granola bar recipe! I made a double batch over the weekend and froze them. They also got my parents and kelly's approval! My other 2 sisters are allergic to nuts though :(

Lunch: usual salad, I finished up the spinach at home as it was starting to get a little slimy..and I can't stand slimy lettuce! I added grilled chicken + bleu cheese and a bell pepper. I used some of the bourbon glaze as my dressing which was quite tasty. The glaze was already on the leftover grilled chicken from the other night so I figured I would just bring it as the dressing and it worked out well. I love this stuff, I definitely plan on ordering some online when we run out at home!

I also had some trail mix with my salad.

Snack: Yoplait greek 100 calorie yogurt + muesli

After work I grabbed a cup of coffee with a friend at Octane, they have excellent pour over coffee! If you haven't tried some you definitely need too!

For dinner we had a speaker program at Ruth Chris steak house. There was an excellent speaker who talked to us about breast milk and premature infant nutrition. I learned a lot and also enjoyed a great dinner.  

I did not take a picture of my food as I figured that would be a little awkward as we ate while the speaker was giving her presentation. We had another one of these dinners a few weeks ago at Ruth Chris as well and I ordered the steak. It was good but tonight I decided to mix it up and ordered the salmon. I loved it, no regrets there! It also came with family style sides for the table, creamed spinach + mashed potatoes. There was also some sort of chocolate fudge/ganache cake for dessert which was delicious. It was so rich I only ate about half but was quite the treat! After the dinner was over all the clinnuts talked for a little while then headed home.

Got plans to run with the BeWell girls at 6:00am in the morning! That is if we can move our legs from today's crossfit class. Once again Why do I do this to myself? :)

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