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Western Wine and Food Festival


My good friend, Lauren, who blogs over at Something Lovely, scored tickets for the Western Food and Wine festival in exchange for a blog post.  I was honored when she asked me to be her plus one! I mean, food, wine, and Lauren all in one free night?! Sign me up! 

I had such a blast catching up with her. We strolled through looking at vendors, sipping wine, and chatting the night away. We were both sad when it came time to end and decided we have to hang out more often!

Isn't she adorbs?!

We tried some Greek food...which is always my favorite!

One of the best parts of events like this is talking with the vendors. I love hearing about people and their passions. We chatted with the owner and chefs of Nabeels in Homewood. Chef Alan gave us a bottle of dressing to try at home! 

We will be visiting the restaurant in the near future! 

These wines are made from Vermouth and are apparently so in right now. I wasn't a huge fan so I'm ok with not being one of the cool kids.

Either way, We got a lesson in wine cocktail making and mixing...

And walked over to see the carousel and even more food and wine vendors.

I interrogated Jennifer who owns a small business making and distributing muffins and learned some useful tips for Kathleen's brownie biz!

Then met Virginias friend who makes and sells G Momma cookies and professed my love for the Buttascotch flavor.

Because it ended too soon, we headed home and stopped in at our version of Central Perk: Tavern on 1st, a new local place situated below our lofts. Our men even came out for the occasion! I kind of wish it was actually a coffee shop. Does that make me old? Nah.

Gosh, I love these people. Now off to spend more time with them in Atlanta for a friend's wedding and Six Flags on Sunday!

What are your weekend plans?! Be Well and eat something good for me!

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