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The Robinson's Affair: Part 1

Happy Sunday and Labor Day Weekend! Some of the Clinnuts and us Be Well girls are at the beach for a long weekend so our posts may be more sporadic. Please enjoy wedding pictures in the meantime! They are not in ceremonial order- futrue posts will separate the before, ceremony, and reception photos but I just couldn't wait to share!

Wedding season is one of the most wonderful times of your life. I'm not talking about the planning part and picking napkins. I'm talking about the love and excitement people genuinely have for you. I'm talking about the actual day. I originally wanted to go on a trip with close friends/family and get married. JT and his family talked me out of it because they thought I would "want that day" and they were so right! Our wedding day made all the effort and planning so worthwhile. I loved having all of these lovely ladies around me, getting our makeup done together and just talking. I loved seeing JT for the first time on a day that would start our life together. I loved seeing my family dressed up and enjoying the day. I loved seeing guests show up and celebrate with us. It was magical, romantic, and perfect!

We finally got our wedding pictures back and since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll let them speak to you. While there are over a thousand so I can't share them all, I hope you enjoy some of our favorites. And to those who helped make this day special, thank you times a million! A huge thanks to Jessica Lee Photography as well.