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Tales of Faith

Kathleen and I ran without Virginia Monday and really missed our third running buddy so we ordered a stand-in.

This Vulcan statue at the BJCC was the perfect photo opp. It reminded me of one of my solo runs not too long ago. I always hesitate sharing information about church and God... I don't know why since I share everything else! So, now is as good a time as any to tell you about that time two youngsters showed me more about faith in God than others have in my whole life combined.

A few months ago, the Church of the Highlands hosted their Motion conference for teens and students. Despite my efforts to try to get my siblings to go, they stayed in Jasper. I forgot about the conference and went on my usual Saturday morning run. I left my  trusty mace at home so I was going to just go to the park rather than take my long route past the BJCC, but something told me to just do the normal route and not worry about it. So I headed toward the North side of town and to the BJCC to make a loop back towards Railroad Park. When I got closer, I realized there were blue Church of the Highlands shirts everywhere. I remembered it was Motion weekend and wished my siblings were here to see how early these volunteers got started.

A family member had been making some less than desirable choices and most of the time, my heart hurts for him. I debated stopping and telling the volunteers that he needed prayer, but I knew I would cry and I didn't want to so I kept running. After I made the loop around the building, I was on my way to the park when I realized I can't keep running. I started tearing up and felt God telling me I have to go back.  I had to turn around.  I knew I wouldn't let it go if I didn't.

I ran back the full loop, passed two older gentlemen and a group of older women who were also volunteering. They didn't grab my attention like the others. I was headed back to the super young, fresh, and cheerful looking girls I previously passed. I got to them, stopped and started to tell them why I needed prayer for my family and burst into tears. Carleigh and Brittany had initially planned to just keep him on the prayer list, but suddenly decided they would pray with me right there in the middle of the sidewalk in the 90 degree heat. They held my sweaty, crying self like it was totally normal and like I didn't smell (which I did). I have never heard such an eloquent, thoughtful, sincere, kind, and moving prayer in my life- let alone such a prayer from a child herself. These girls couldn't have been more than 20 years old. Whoever Carleigh is, I hope she knows how amazing and gifted she is. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted by these younger, but wiser saints.

Since that day, any time I worry about my family member, I think of that prayer and I find peace knowing that something greater than me is looking out for him and he will be just fine. He's really doing so much better already! Take a second and say a prayer for him too, would you? While you're at it go ahead and include Brittany and Carleigh. God has great things in store for them. And do yourself a favor and go to the Church of the Highlands...or at least watch a sermon online. You won't be the same.

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