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Tailgates and Birthday Parties!


Another fun weekend in the books!  Friday after work, Katie, Emily and I drove to east Montgomery to stay at a hotel so we would only have a 40 minute drive to the Auburn vs. Jacksonville State game on Saturday morning.  Katie graduated from Jacksonville State and I graduated from Auburn so we had a friendly rivalry going on!  We got up and had complimentary breakfast at the hotel.  I had kellogs granola and peach activia yogurt.  The game started at 11am on Saturday morning so we had an eary start to the day!  The stars aligned for us on Saturday because we had no issues with traffic or parking (we even got free parking!) which is awesome since it was the first Auburn home game of the season.

When we got to Auburn, we went straight to Big Blue Bagel because this is my all time favorite sandwich restaurant!  I used to eat there all the time in college and I just had to take Katie and Emily so they could try it out.  We all got the same a turkey sandwich on a honey wheat bagel with swiss cheese and honey mustard (per my recommendation).  Big Blue steams the sandwiches to perfection and their honey mustard is the best honey mustard there is, hands down!  We got a side of bagel chips but they gave us so many that we could not finish them so we took them to go.  Thankfully we were ablet to sneak them into the game because I would have been really upset if they told me that I had to throw them out.  I don't get upset very often but it may have been bad if they had tried to make me throw out my bagel chips!

By the time we finished our sandwiches, it was time to walk over to the game.  We were able to snap a few pics on and then made it to our seats in the east upper deck just in time for kickoff.  

It was an exciting game to say the least!  It ended up going into overtime and Auburn barely pulled off the victory!  I was so nervous!  Did I mention that the temperature was absolutely perfect!  We didn't even get hot at the game and it was the middle of the day!

After the game, we walked through Toomer's Corner so Katie and Emily could see it being rolled after the victory.

It had been a while since we ate lunch so we stopped by Bizilia's in downtown Auburn and had a cookie and a drink.  After getting an energy boost, we walked around Auburn and stopped by to see a few of our friends before heading back to the car.  On the way back to the car, we walked past my old dorm.  I just love Auburn!!!

We got back to Birmingham just in time for dinner.  We stopped by Superior Grill and I had the chicken burrito.  I ate most of the burrito and just a few bites of rice and beans.  The service was so fast that it didn't leave much time to eat chips before our food came out which was good because it is so easy to overdo it on the chips at Mexican restaurants.

Sunday was an exciting day because it was Preston's birthday party.  He is 3 and obsessed with dinosaurs so naturally, he had a dinosaur birthday party.  The party wasn't until 3pm so that morning I woke up and had breakfast and coffee on the porch and read my Bible and devotional books.

I love going out on our screened in porch on the weekends! 

I had granola and yogurt for breakfast.  

I didn't make it to church this morning because I spent too much time on the porch and had to do a few things for Preston's birthday party so I went for a 3 mile jog and listened to a podcast sermon by Louie Giglio (Passion City Church) on the uniqueness of the Bible.  It was a great sermon! 

For lunch I just grabbed a quick bite to eat because I knew that I would be snacking a the birthday party.  My "lunch" was 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese and 1 serving of reduced fat wheat thins. 

The party was such a huge success and the weather could not have been any better!  The food was delicious and the dinosaur activities were such a hit! 

I made homemade dinosaur eggs out of sand, flour, ground coffee and water.  You just mix up the ingredients and form a mold around a small plastic dinosaur and then let the eggs sit out and dry for a few days.  The eggs harden and then the kids get to break open the eggs and "hatch" a dinosaur!

I also made dinosaur cookies using Elizabeth's family recipe.  If you ever need to make shaped cookies, I would definitely recommend this recipe!  People love them, but be careful because once you eat 1, it is hard too stop!

My sister did such a great job with all of the dinosaur activities!  If you ever need to throw a dinosaur party, you should use some of my sister's ideas!

Most importantly, Preston had a blast at his party! 


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