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Summer Vegetables with Fall Temperatures


Practicing our 5:30 a.m. form.

I was feeling a semi-salty, summery breakfast so I went for the last of my summer tomatoes, mozzarella, Basil and Balsamic.

I took advantage of the cooler temps of a beautiful, fall-feeling day and walked to work while soaking up the Birmingham breeze! The LLBean high school backpack trend was the best trend I ever caved in to. That backpack has lasted about 10 years and has been filled with heavy college books. She handles each trip like a champ. Totally worth the investment. 

Lunch was eaten in a rush because I got called back to clinic, but we were able to grab a quick bite outside!

I could really get used to this weather! It feels like gameday. Lunch was the last of my peaches, goat cheese, and spring mix with Balsamic vinegar over top. I love fall but will definitely miss the fruits of the summer! My homemade yogurt was a great protein addition to lunch. I topped it with walnuts for a delicious way to add healthy, unsaturated fats into my day. 

That afternoon I got to see some of my absolute favorite people! Little Mason had his Tonsils removed and was happily enjoying delicious Popsicles. I spent some downtown chatting and catching up and remembered how much I love this sweet family. 

We joked about how I need to see them more often since I only see this little man in the hospital!

There are so many reasons why I admire the Lovett's and a major one is their love of God! They are wonderful servants. They are looking to adopt in the near future and will begin the fundraising process so please stay tuned for how we can all help them! Hearing about the adoption process and how much it takes was so interesting. I can't wait to help!

Back at home, the hubs and I created a masterpiece. On days when the Be Well girls exercise in the morning, JT and I have more time to prepare dinner at night. Yesterday, we tried a Chicken Marsala recipe from the Skinnytaste cookbook. I made a few changes, but overall the recipe was the same. It was delicious!!

Taking time to see friends seems to get more challenging as we get older and busier with our own lives. I have always tried to find a balance, but often fall short of even making phone calls. Do you agree?
What tips could you share for creating meaningful time for friends?

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