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Last Saturday of Summer


Saturday morning started early as Virginia and I both had plans to run in the Camp Smile a Mile "Monkey C Monkey Run" 5K. It started at 8am.Virginia's mom also came in town to run it, and so did my college roommate Cara and her hubby, Brad.

Before the race I, of course, had some coffee + a little Today Show + greek yogurt and muesli. I have never tried muesli but I am a fan---not great by itself but great with milk or on top of yogurt.

Pre-race Pic: 

Virginia and I finished in 28min + some seconds of which I forget the exact amount :)
We stood at the finish line to cheer on her mom, Cara and Brad when they crossed the finish line.

After everyone had finished we headed to grab some snacks. They had Jim-N-Nicks + Starbucks coffee to enjoy. I grabbed some watermelon, coffee and a cheese biscuit to snack on. Then we headed over to the photo booth to snap a few team pics:)

I am currently dog sitting and one of the dogs is a ~100lb. chocolate lab. When I got back and still had my tennis shoes on Harley was insistent on going for a jog.

How can you turn down that face? 

So Harley and I hit the sidewalks for another 5K of our own around Mtn. Brook. I love my own dogs, but Harley is so much easier to run with than my dogs who stop to sniff everything!

This is what he did for about an hour post jog: laid on the cold tile floor, panted and let his tongue hang out.

I made a green smoothie: Almond milk + water/ice cubes + lots o' kale + 1/2 banana + some of the frozen strawberry/pineapple/mango bag of fruit + vanilla protein powder. Don't let the color fool you, it did not taste like the kale at all, I could only taste the fruit and the protein powder.

Then, I got ready really quick for Samford family weekend. My family had plans to go to a cookout on the quad and the football game.

I went to Samford and graduated in 2011, my 19 year old sister currently goes there, my 17 year old sister wants to go there next year, my dad graduated from there and my mom works there, so all that to say I think we are a Samford family for sure.

Lunch: Dreamland BBQ chicken sandwich + un-sweet tea + banana pudding...which  my dad stole most of... pretty typical of him to steal all the desserts.

After lunch we went to an incoming student career fair so Kristen could meet some of the nursing school teachers/students. Nursing is what she currently wants to study. I also met some of the new nutrition faculty which was pretty cool, since they now have a dietetic internship available at SU as well as a masters degree in Public Health... so many changes since I graduated in 2011!

When the fair was over we headed to the football game. I had to snack on a cliff bar because I was starving!

 It was about 90 degrees so we only made it to about half-time.  It was completely packed, and great to see so many Samford fans supporting the football team!

I needed to cool off post football game so I grabbed a coconut water probiotic beverage. It was refreshing for sure. When I got home I ate some wheat thins + cheese and the rest of my smoothie from earlier as a snack to hold me over. The clinnuts had plans to watch the Alabama game together but it didn't start till 8:00pm so I needed something to snack on in the meantime.

The clinnuts watched the game at Ashley's and James house. James has gotten into brewing beer recently and he had his first batch ready for everyone to try! Their last name is Dicks, so they named their beer "Dorky Dicks" and had personalized labels and everything. His first batch we tried was an amber ale, to me it was comparable to a Sam Adams Octoberfest. His second batch, was a porter, definitely a heavier dark beer with lots of coffee and chocolate flavor. Both were great!

Whenever the clinnuts get together you know the food is going to be good! Dietitians can cook!

Katie brought some fruit with some dips, a toffee dip and a strawberry flavored dip, both were great!

Brooke brought a staple favorite of everyone's ; wheat thins + cream cheese/pepper jelly.

Kayla brought a hummus made with avocados. Ashley made a black bean/corn/tomato salsa, buffalo chicken dip and a goat cheese/artichoke dip. I especially loved the artichoke dip, I am going to ask her for the recipe soon and will share :)

I brought some brownies for everyone to have as dessert, completely forgot to snap a picture of them though. I made my grandmas recipe, standard brownie + chocolate icing.

Although the tide lost, it was still fun to watch the game with some of my favorite people in Birmingham :)

And that wraps up the last Saturday of the summer! 

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