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The Clinnuts do Orange Beach

The Be Well girls woke up bright and early Saturday morning for a run on the beach. We learned a valuable lesson that if one has recently had a pedicure, that person should not run on uneven sandy surfaces unless she wants large blisters. Noted. We won't show you're welcome.

Emily made a delicious breakfast casserole on Friday night so we popped it into the oven before leaving for our run.

When we got back, we enjoyed breakfast with our friends and sipped coffee until it was beach time!

I really love Alabama beaches. It's so easy to overlook how beautiful and special they are because we grew up coming here, but after travelling to various beaches around the US and even some other countries, I realize just how pretty they are!

 And how about our perfect shirts? Emily and Katie worked really hard designing and making our shirts and they turned out so great! How cute was little Virginia?!

After a full day of beach time we headed to get ready and freshen up for dinner. Virginia picked out Shipp's Harbor for us all to eat it. I would highly recommend if you are ever in Orange Beach!

I felt like I needed some veggies so I ordered a Blackened Tuna Salad.  It was great it came with bleu cheese + soy lime dressing + cherry tomatoes + mushrooms + boiled egg.

Emily ordered a tuna dip for the table to share! 

  After dinner we headed back to the condo for a few cocktails and birthday celebrations! 

Then we all headed out to the Flora Bama for a fun night out in OBA! 

So after staying up way past my geriatric bedtime Saturday night we decided to all sleep in until about 9 am Sunday morning and then head to brunch. Virginia and Katie ( the OBA regulars) both suggested Brick and Spoon. We had to wait a little while which gave up ample time to debate over what we should order.

When we all sat down we all ordered lots of water and some kind of caffeine,  coffee being my source of course. Brooke and Emily decided to try their bloody mary bar. I'm not a bloody mary girl myself but their bloody marys looked pretty impressive.

For brunch I opted for the crab southwest scramble which consisted of crab meat,eggs, corn, bell peppers, and a creamy holandaise type sauce (which I got on the side). It also came with a side of cheese grits. It was quite delicious.

Rainie and VA decided to split 50/50 the Banana's Foster french toast and the Grown Up Grilled cheese. I personally tasted the french toast and it tasted like bread pudding, definitely amazing.

After drinking lots of coffee, water and a great meal we were all re-energized to hit the beach.

It was bright and sunny with a great breeze, the water was a little rougher so we didnt venture out too far but it was still crystal clear!

Rainie and I hit up some beach volleyball to take a break from reading, napping and sun bathing.

When we needed a mid-afternoon blood sugar boost we all shared a box of Cheddar Jack Cheez-It's. I don't know what it is, but I feel like I always have to have either goldfish or cheez-its when I'm on the beach. If you havent tried the Cheddar Jack flavor do yourself a favor and try them. They are life changing.

After a little blood sugar boost a couple of us went on a walk down the beach. It was late afternoon at this point and with the breeze it felt great outside.

When the sun was starting to set, Katie, Emily and Brooke all headed up to shower. VA, Rainie and I stayed on the beach a little longer.

I'm not sure how we ended up doing gymnastics on the beach, but we did. Rainie and VA busted out a head stand, VA mastered the handstand, while I stuck with my strongest skill set... The Cartwheel.

Don't Judge. You know its a perfect 10.

After some cartwheels VA tried to help me accomplish a handstand, but we ended this when I accidentally kicked her in the face. So sorry :)

After the handstand incident we tried some planks. 

As if planks in general were not challenging enough we decided to master the triple plank. And of course with me being 5"12 I got put on the bottom.

Photo Cred: Cody--our awkward beach friend

After we had fully exhausted ourselves trying to relive our childhood we headed to the pool to get the pounds of sand we had all over ourselves. Then we headed up to shower and make pizza for dinner.

We had planned to make the famous "Ashley's Pizza" as we call it  (Ashley is one of our fellow clinnuts). It consists of a whole wheat pizza crust + fig jam + mozzarella cheese  + prosciutto. The Walmart we stopped at--in the middle of nowhere--- on the way down here didn't have fig jam, I don't know why we were surprised? But we subbed strawberry jam and it worked great! All you have to do it layer the jam on the crust as you would the sauce, sprinkle the cheese on and make at 425 for about 8 minutes. Take it out, add the prosciutto in strips, pop it back in for about 1 minute then take it out and enjoy :) Don't cook the prosciutto on it for the full time or it will be very tough.

After dinner we headed to play a round of Put-Put golf, where Emily won by a landslide! It was a fun time though, even if I dont excel in the sport of mini-golf.

When we got back to the condo we all hit the sack pretty quick, the sun takes it out of you!

Monday morning we had to head back to B'ham :( It was a gorgeous day at the beach, which made it even harder to leave. Katie, Brooke and Emily all left about 8am, while VA, Rainie and I all slept in, ate breakfast, drank coffee, and watched the Today Show. If I was a stay at home mom I would watch the Today Show everyday, seriously I love it. I refer to them as "my friends" and I'm sad I cannot watch them on a daily basis. One of my favorite parts of being off work or on vacation is sitting on the couch, enjoying my coffee and watch the show. After enjoying watching "my friends" we packed up and hit the road home.

 We debated on restaurants to eat at for lunch and we ended up back at Chipolte where the trip began. I ordered the Burrito bowl with steak, however the steak came out so rare I could not stomach it. They told me I could reorder something. So I went back and ordered the exact same thing I enjoyed on Friday: Burrito bowl with Tofu + all the fixins'. I have not really ever had tofu I enjoyed but theirs is exceptionally great. Its seasoned quite nicely. So any vegetarians out there I would recommend their Tofu for sure. I am not a vegetarian but just felt like branching out and trying something new.

When we got back into town we went to the outlet malls in Leeds to hit up any possible Labor Day sales. Rainie and VA had some luck at Banana Republic, I didn't have much luck but it was nice to walk and stretch my legs after being in the car for so long. After our shopping venture I dropped VA and Rainie back off at their cars downtown and then we all headed home to unpack and get ready for the week. It was quite a fun filled weekend but we are back to reality tomorrow!


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