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Racin' the Station

Friday after work my sister, Kaitlin, and I hit the road to meet our sister, Kelly, and her fiance, Michael, in Huntsville. The four of us were ready for the Racin' the Station duathlon Saturday morning. One of Michael's family friend's puts on the race and this is the 4th year for it. Kelly and Michael do it each year, but this will be my 3rd time and Kaitlin's first. We them for dinner at Rosie's Cantina-- a great local Mexican restaurant.

When we got there Kelly and Michael were drinking margarita's at the bar. It was really crowded, as it was Friday night at 6pm but our table was ready shortly after we arrived!  They, of course, brought us chips and salsa---my favorite! I decided on the fajita salad which came with guac + sour cream + black olives + grilled chicken + onion/peppers + cheese on a bed of romaine lettuce. It made a huge salad and was delicious!

The food was great, the service was awesome, and the company made it even better! I would definitely recommend checking out Rosie's next time your in Huntsville!

After dinner we hung out with Michael's family for a little while. His brother and sister in law live in Huntsville and his parents were in town for the weekend. After visiting for a little while we all headed back to the hotel because we had to be up early the next day for the race.

Saturday morning about 87 alarms went off in our hotel room...I guess we were all a little paranoid about over sleeping?? Since it sounded like Grand Central Station by 6:00 am in our room,  I hopped on out of bed and  packed up our stuff  for the day. We grabbed the hotel breakfast to go and were on our way to the race by 6:45.

Breakfast: I ate some light-n-fit peach yogurt with granola and pecans/walnuts on top + lots o coffee.

The race is on the Marshall Space flight center which is on the Redstone Arsenal. We got there early to check in, set up our bikes, and make a few trips to the bathroom. This duathlon is called Racin' the Station as the goal is to beat the time it takes the International Space Station to orbit the earth, which is 90 minutes. It consists of a  2 mile run + 14.3 mile bike ride + 2 mile run. The course is flat which is really nice, just a few rolling small hills in the bike portion. The weather was  pretty good too, just a little light rain in the middle of the bike portion, nothing too bad.

Kelly and Michael decided to ride the tandem bike they have, which they are getting really good at! They still beat me even with the tandem..... Oh well. I beat my last years time 3 minutes!

 This year I finished in 1 hour 27 minutes and 30seconds, Last year I finished in 1 hour 30 minutes and 44 seconds. My run time was faster this year I believe. I averaged an 8:45 min/mile pace on the runs, which is fast for me... I wasn't talking though. When I run with my running buddies we are chatting the whole way which slows down my pace, but it makes it so much more fun that I don't care if I'm slower!

Kelly and Michael finished in 1 hour 24  minutes and 30 seconds and Kaitlin finished in 1 hour 44 minutes 20 seconds. Everyone was satisfied with their time, and we all felt accomplished when we crossed the finish line.

Post race we headed inside for the usual post race meal; pizza. I am not usually a big pizza fan because I don't like the tomato sauce; however, about 30 minutes after the race I was starving and the pizza was just so satisfying. I ate 2 pieces and drank some beer they had. Nothing like pizza and beer at 11am!

Then, we headed out on our bike to help patrol the kids race before heading back inside for the awards ceremony. All of us placed in our age group which was awesome!

We all had a great time doing to race and will definitely do it again next year! It's  a good first timer multi-sport race to do if you are just getting into duathlons or triathlons and still great even if you are a professional!

After the race Kaitlin and I hit the road back to Birmingham. We stopped in Cullman at Smith Farms, a country store right off I-65, for a bathroom break. Its an adorable story selling everything from fudge and cookbooks to fresh cured meat and homemade canned salsa. We brought back some fudge and grilling sauce for the parents. The sauce we got was called a "sweet bourbon glaze" and I would highly recommend it! We put in on the burgers we ate Saturday night and it was awesome!

When we got back I unpacked, did some baking I had to do for the week, grilled out homemade burgers and spent the rest of the day/night watching football. I definitely hit the sack early Saturday night as the race wore me out!

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