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PappaDeaux Seafood Kitchen Review

We chose to play outside all day Sunday rather than go to the grocery store so my Monday breakfast was hard boiled eggs. Lunch was leftovers so I thought it'd be a good time to throw in a more interesting post! We went to PappaDeaux Seafood Kitchen Sunday after church and had the best experience!

If you didn't get to listen to Church of the Highlands last Sunday, check out this link. It was really great! We started going to the chapel instead of the auditorium and really love the more acoustic, traditional music (and the sunshine in the windows!). I just need some sunny windows on Sunday morning. Amen?

We got to the restaurant around one which was apparently the perfect time because there was no wait. For the two of us, it was around $60 after tip so we counted it as 2 date nights. Lunch tends to be a little cheaper and less of a wait, I hear, so I would try it out before dinner. You will likely want reservations for dinner as the line is usually crazy!

The decor was so elegant. It is New Orleans type, French/cajun seafood themed and the dark cherry wood blends with busy, deep rugs in a Titanic-esque way that makes you feel special. 

The drinks looked beautiful and enticing but being that it was a normal Sunday, we opted for water. 

We did not, however, pass up the appetizers. J.T. chose the Spinach, Lobster dip and it was so good! I would definitely try this when you go. Seriously, best appetizer we've had in a while/ever! But "ever" is such a strong term.

For my meal, I chose the lobster, tomato, Mozzarella salad. It was around $17 for a pretty small serving but I was stuffed for hours! I would be a little disappointed if I got this as a dinner, but it was perfect for lunch!

We can always count on J.T. to go big or go home so when this monstrous plate of pasta appeared, I wasn't too surprised. I may have even been excited that I would get to try it too...maybe.

It was creole seafood past with crawfish and sausage. I liked the mushrooms...but did try the crawfish. I just can't get past the college crawfish boil smell and the view of frat boys sucking heads off. Call me crazy, but it's just not that appetizing to me.

On the way out I snapped a pic of the outdoor area. It was a perfect day for outside, but they were only seating inside. 

Guess that means we will just have to go back. 

We spent the rest of the day at Railroad park and loved every minute of it. 

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