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Monday and More!


Today is Monday, but I can’t complain!  I got up this morning and sipped on my coffee as I got ready for work.  Today I had a hazelnut K-cup with Natural Bliss coffee creamer.

Today's breakfast was a watermelon protein smoothie.  I have been craving this since Rainie introduced me to this delicious, refreshing, and easy to make recipe last week!  Thank you Rainie for sharing this idea with me! 1.5 cups of watermelon + 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder = delish!  WATERmelon really lives up to its name when you blend it because it becomes extremely thin, almost like water.  My shake probably would have been better if I blended ice in it too, but I was afraid I would destroy my little hand blender if I tried to chop ice with it.

Mid-morning snack:  Kind Bar (not pictured) and a berry flavored Dasani Sparkling Water

Lunch:   Salad made with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from Pepper Place farmer’s market.  Nothing beats a fresh tomato.  My salad also had green onion, spinach, carrots, feta cheese, and light Ken’s balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  Dessert today strawberries with cream cheese fruit dip.

I went to Pepper Place on Saturday with my mom, sister, brother in law and nephews.  I had a great time but no one had as much fun as Preston, my 3 year old nephew.  Pepper place is such a fun place for families to go on Saturday mornings.  They have so many kid friendly things:  Steel City Pops has a vendor there and what child does not like a delicious popsicle?!?  Preston tore his popsickle up...and made quite a mess in the process but that's part of the fun!  They have a misting station so you can go cool off, but this was ended up being more of a kid's station and all of the kids loved running back and forth through the mist.  Pepper Place also has a man that makes balloon art for kids.  Preston got an airplane on a stick and loved it while it lasted but it popped right before we got in the car.  Last but not least, there was a band and dancers so naturally Preston joined in!  In summary, Pepper Place is a great place for kids to be active and outside and as they get older they will learn to appreciate buying local and eating fresh fruits and veggies!

Steel City Pops! 

Misting station!  

Balloon man! 

Balloon airplane on a stick!  

Running around and hiding behind trees! 

Had to throw in this picture of happy baby Anderson.  He just took it all in and LOVED watching his big brother play!  

Today Rainie, Kathleen, and I went on our weekly Monday run around downtown Birmingham.  When we were almost back at our starting point, we took a detour to stop by Good People Brewing Company to take a picture with the Birmingham (Baron’s) sign in the background.  

Going to see the Birmingham Baron’s play baseball is always a blast!  Last week a group of us from work (the clinnuts!) went to the Baron’s game for the last Thirsty Thursday of the season.  

Before the game we ate dinner at Glory Bound Gyros and it was delicious but mine had a strong garlic taste which is great while you are eating it but not so great when you are going somewhere after dinner!

I had a little time to kill while between my run and dinner so I ran by the Piggly Wiggly to pick up a couple of bags of G-Mommas cookies for beach snacks for the weekend!  If you have not tried these you are missing out because they are amazing!  The Selma Good company is based out of my hometown of Selma, AL.  One of my friends from high school started this business so I love support it and spread the word about it.  It helps that they truly are delicious and I want to share them/give them as gifts because everyone that I give them to just raves over how great they are!  

Yes, we are going to Orange Beach over Labor Day weekend and I am so excited!  I have THE sweetest friends in the world and they have planned this trip for my birthday!

Dinner (not pictured):  I met a friend for dinner at Urban Cookhouse in Homewood.  As I have said before, Urban Cookhouse is one of my absolute favorite places to eat.  Tonight, I got the BALT (bacon avocado lettuce, tomato sandwich) with a side of broccoli salad.  I am ashamed to say that I did not pass up on the chocolate chip cookie brownie (don't judge).

Now it's time for bed because I am waking up at 5am tomorrow morning to meet Rainie and Kathleen at Molly's strength class at the YMCA.

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