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Family and Fajitas


Kathleen, Rainie and I kicked off this post labor day Tuesday by going to the gym at 5:40am for Molly’s strength class at the YMCA.  Of course, I had a cup of coffee on the way to the gym.  Class today was heavy in squats and lunges.  I think the best part was when we crab walked across the room because Kathleen, Rainie and I did this on the beach this weekend.  We have never crab walked in class before and ironically it is incorporated into the class a couple of days after we did it on the beach!  Morning workouts have become part of our weekly workout routine.  Prior to the past few months, I just could not work out in the mornings on a regular basis.

There are 4 main things that have been key elements in me being able to
work out in the mornings consistently:

  1.  Friends that make it fun and keep you accountable (I think that this one is the MOST important)
  2. Keeping a gym bag packed (as much as possible) and always having the bag completely packed the night before going to the gym.  Always include your shower shoes!
  3. You have to be ok with showering in a public shower (unless you live close to the gym or close to work)
  4.  I pack my lunch for work everyday and if I am going to work out in the morning, I have to have my lunch bag packed the night before or it is game over because packing a lunch always takes me longer than I think it will!  

I’ve gotten into such a good routine of getting ready for work at the YMCA that I can shower and get ready in less than an hour!  After leaving the gym, I had a Kind Bar on the way to work.

I had a couple of meetings this morning at work and sitting in meetings sometimes makes me tired so I grabbed another cup of coffee mid-morning.

Lunch today was random and thrown together because I have not exactly prepared for the week since I was out of town all weekend.  Check out the blog to see more details about our fun beach weekend!  We went to celebrate my 30th birthday (my birthday is really not until October, but we planned the trip for a holiday weekend so we could have Monday off).  I’ll just say that I have the most amazing friends!  Lunch today was Light and Fit Greek Yogurt + Kind granola + almonds with fruit.  My sweet friend Jeanna also dropped some oatmeal raisin cookies off at my desk today so I did indulge and they were delicious!

Today is a very special day because it is my precious nephew, Preston’s, 3rd birthday.  He requested a cheesy quesadilla, rice and beans for dinner.  Preston loves to eat Mexican food!  Of course, I had to go spend the evening with Preston on his birthday!  We went to Tecate for dinner and I got the chicken fajitas.  They were delicious and the best part is that I have enough leftover to take for lunch tomorrow! 

Sorry about the poor picture quality, I was sitting beside a cute 3 year old and got distracted and almost forgot to take a picture!  

The waiters sang happy birthday to Preston and gave him a cinnamon tortilla with a smiley face drawn on in whipped cream and chocolate syrup.  Preston loved it!  They brought the sombrero for Preston to wear but he did not want to wear it so naturally I put it on!  

I baked some dinosaur cupcakes last night.  Preston and I finished icing them this afternoon and we added a dinosaur garnish.  

Preston is currently obsessed with dinosaurs and is having a dinosaur birthday party next weekend!  I will definitely post some pictures from the party this weekend!  I LOVE my nephews!  There is no way that Preston has any idea how much joy he has brought to me and his entire family over the past 3 years!

Today I know I went a little overboard with the desserts but it was a special occasion with it being Preston’s birthday and all.  I am going to tighten up and limit desserts!

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