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Family Road Trip to L.A. Highlights

This past weekend my family had a road trip planned to L.A., lower Alabama that is. Friday after work we all hit 65 south and headed straight for Mobile. We stopped in Prattvile for dinner, all agreeing on Chipolte.  I opted for my favorite Sofrita bowl (tofu), this being the 3rd time in a week I had visited the Pratville Chipolte!

We got to Mobile after 11pm, we were staying with my sisters fiance so after getting a tour of the house we went to bed. We all had to be up before 5am to head about 1hr 20min over to Gulf Shores where Kelly(sister) was competing in her first ocean triathlon. They started out bright and early. Kelly has done a lot of triathlons but never one in the ocean! She said it was the hardest swim she has ever done, finishing only 2 minutes behind her usual swim time though! and no sharks or jelly fish stings :)

Her race consisted of a 1500 meter (about 1 mile) swim, 23 mile bike, and 6 mile run. She did great! The whole fam was cheering her on at all her transition areas, she might have had the most cheerleaders out of any athlete there. While Kelly was biking I went for a 3 mile run around the area and did the same thing when she was running, fitting in a 6 mile run total during her race! I was glad I fit in a workout and was still there to cheer her on.

The race start and finish line was at The Hangout in Gulf Shores, so after the race we ate lunch there while we were waiting for them to start the awards.

I ordered a Salad with Blackened Trout and it was full of all the veggies, I could hardly finish it!

Kaitlin opted for the "Big Bama Burger" with fried onion rings + carmelized onions + mushrooms + bacon all on top of a hamburger patty.

After lunch we headed to the outside area where they were giving awards, Kelly got 2nd in her age group! I have never been to the Hangout before but it was really a fun place. They have inside and outside dining, its right on the beach, it has a fun area out back with corn hole and other games, and the food is great on top of all that!

After we left the Hangout we headed back to Mobile. We made a pit stop by what is now my new favorite sport store. Its called "Sports and More" and they sell Acsics, Saucony, Brooks and New Balance running gear. They don't advertise at all so they are able to sell there products at incredibly low prices! They do have a facebook page but no website.

 The staff there is very helpful and watched me walk and run to find the best shoe fit for me. I ended up in a high mileage, neutral Brooks "Glycerin 12" shoe. I have never had Brooks shoes before, I have always been an Asics girl, but the high mileage neutral Asics shoe was not my favorite so I tried the Brooks version and I loved it! They also have great running pants, capris, and shorts all at great prices, which I took full advantage of and stocked up! The best part about this store is that if you call them and tell them exactly what you want they will ship it to you the next day for free! Lets just say I plan on using them in the future for getting bargains on running shoes and clothes!

After the race we headed back to Mobile where I had to take my new shoes for a little break in jog around the neighborhood, I just couldn't wait!

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching football, then grilled out for dinner.

Kelly and Michael brought back some wine and beer from their trip to Washington last week to enjoy.

My mom makes the best hamburgers, she said her secret is lots of onions + this hamburger seasoning.

Marissa (family friend) made Giada's corn on the cob recipe and it was delicious as well, although probably not the healthiest :)

Kelly made the pasta salad. She didn't have a recipe but used whole wheat pasta + lots of feta cheese + fresh basil + cherry tomatoes + sea salt. It turned out great as well.

Sunday morning we woke up, and headed to church at the Catholic Cathedral in downtown Mobile.

Kelly and Kristen

After church we went out for some fresh seafood at Felix's right off the causeway. It is a cute restaurant with very reasonably priced seafood ($10-15 a person for lunch). I opted for the crab cakes on top of fried green tomatoes (green beans as my side) my mom opted for the Italian Herb crusted whitefish. We split both 50/50 which was a great idea because both were great!

After lunch we packed up and hit the road. We made it just in time for one of my favorite road trip pit stops ; Priester's Pecans. It is a cute country store that sells anything from kids cloths to Tervis tumblers.

My favorite part is the food side though, they sell all different varieties of seasoned pecans, pecan pies, divinity, pecan logs, pralines, fiddlesticks, and the best part is they let you sample all of it!!!!! I always end up treating that as my dinner on the way back home as I eat way too many samples every time.

Our Priester's pit stop wrapped up the family road trip in L.A. and we were back to Birmingham :)

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  1. Thanks for making the trip to LA, and for being an awesome cheering squad!