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Happy Birthday JT!


JT, unlike me, usually only celebrates one day. It just so happens that we had a wedding to attend and a friend come into town all in one weekend so we shall call it: JT's Birthday Weekend! He deserves it.

First, some pics from the beautiful wedding we went to Saturday at the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta. 

Congratulations to Davis and Isabella! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you!

We got pretty lucky in college and met all of these wonderful friends and have so  many happy memories with them!


In the spirit of weddings, happy one year anniversary to these two!

Ahh, I love them too! And look at that photo!

Back in Bham-A Sunday trip to PF Chang's was Jeremy's choice and ended with some vanilla cream wontons. It was so great to catch up with Wormy and his family!

JT's actual birthday landed on a Monday this year so we got up extra early to have a pancake breakfast before work. In a rush, I use Bisquick Heart Smart mix because there are no hydrogenated oils (trans fat). JT originally picked that brand out for us. I trained him well.  He's so smart!

Did you know? If a product has less than 0.5g of trans fat per serving, companies don't have to list trans fat on the label? Skip down past the label and check out the ingredients list. If there are "hydrogenated", or "partially hydrogenated" oils in the list, there is trans fat in the product. Companies are learning that consumers are getting wise to their actions and have even replaced "hydrogenated oils" with "high oleic"...same thing, steer clear! So confusing, right?! 

Why does it even matter? Because trans fats are a man made chemical structure that contribute directly to the bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. The bad cholesterol builds up on artery walls over time making it hard for you heart to push blood through the arteries with can result in hypertension and heart disease.

Oh right, back to JT.

I ate a very light breakfast because Virginia and Kathleen came over at 6 am for a morning run! We decided to change our Monday workout to the morning so I could spend more time with JT that afternoon. It had nothing to do with the rain chance in the afternoon. Aren't they the sweetest running buddies ever?! 

After the run, our shower order (me last) gave me plenty of time to bake the cheesecake for that afternoon. We originally planned on going out to dinner but we have been on the go so much that JT requested an at home, laid back birthday celebration. I didn't argue. Pizza and cheesecake were on the menu. I have posted about my cheesecake before ---JT doesn't like cake, but loves cheesecake. Weirdo. Now, I do have that fancy- shmancy Springform pan I referenced...ahh wedding gifts. I use the MyRecipes version, but of course, change up a few things. Check out this earlier post for the recipe. 

I made the Pioneer Woman's pizza dough on Sunday night and let it rise in the refrigerator until Monday afternoon. I even used all white flour this time. Don't get used to it JT- we are back to whole wheat combo on non-birthdays. If you haven't made pizza dough before, you need to! It's so simple and easy! Don't be afraid of yeast. I don't buy pizza dough anymore...and we actually eat a lot more pizza now because for some reason, I always have flour, yeast, salt, and water. For toppings: I buy Parmesean cheese in the triangle segment and shred it using my Ninja. I sliced mozzarella from a block because it tastes so much better than that pre-shredded version, and I like the pepperoni from the deli. The sauce is any tomato sauce that is left in my refrigerator and I add veggies to mine!

Per usual, dinner was served with a salad. Remember the Wine and Food Festival post? I used Nabeel's Greek dressing and it was delicious!

We had some very special dinner guests! Gracie's turn is less than a month away!

Happy birthday to my love! 

Apparently, my love language is gifting food (was that not in the book?)... Like, it is physically hard for me to think of non-food gifts. A blessing and a curse all in one. Anyone else feel the same?!

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