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Friday + A Very Jasper Saturday


Friday started early for the Be Well girls and after an intense 5:30 a.m. spin class, I completely forgot about snapping a photo. Oh well, we were there- the weakness in my legs can verify that. 

Summer tends to lead me to smoothie breakfasts but I took advantage of the slightly cooler temps and started my day with some oatmeal. I heated 1/2 cup oatmeal on the stove with 1/2 a banana, cinnamon, 1/4 cup walnuts, and just enough water to cover the oats. I topped it off with a drizzle of honey and a splash of milk once it was cooked. This can also be done in the microwave in about 1 minute.

My mother in law was feeling fallish too, and sent JT home with some vegetable beef soup and cornbread. We ate it for dinner Thursday night but I had to share since it was such a thoughtful gesture. It was nice to not cook for a night but still get to enjoy a homemade meal!

Lunch for me was a usual salad brightened up by the fact that we had time to eat lunch outside in the sun!

Blue cheese, spring mix, an apple, and my homemade dressing of strawberry jam and balsamic vinegar. 

After work I headed to Jasper to get my hair highlighted so my dinner was strawberries, raspberries, and a protein shake. Exciting, right?! But I really would rather pack a meal like that than eat fast food.

Speaking of Jasper, we went back on Saturday where I ran 3 miles around the dog park JT and his dad's company have been working on. The trail is shaded with a few small hills and a pond for a view. It was really nice! There were a few dogs enjoying the new sod.

Look at what a wonderful job they have done!

After that, I took my baby siblings (who aren't babies anymore) to breakfast. 

Of course, we stopped by to have coffee with Jan and Anna first since this has become our Jasper Saturday morning ritual. Breakfast for me was Cracker Barrel's oatmeal- topped with raisins and apples and served with a seasonal pumpkin muffin. Other than a few pecans, it lacked protein and was pretty carb heavy, but I do love my oatmeal! 

Then, I met up with my older sibling, Joey, to check out an upcoming project we have going on... Here's a sneak peak!

Stay tuned for more!

Finally, I got to see my hubby again and watched the last half of the Alabama game at his parents house. After the game, we kicked around the soccer ball and went to pick muscadines. The Robinson's have a beautiful garden area (where are wedding took place) and the muscadines were plentiful this year!

Jasper had a music festival over the weekend and Anna mentioned going so we gathered the troops and had a family outing at the foothills festival. 

Anna is pretty much my sister and I feel so blessed to have the same friend since third grade. I never need to explain myself- she just gets me. We can be totally honest with each other and never worry about miscommunication or problems. The only time we ever fought was when we were kids and she accidentally ripped my stuffed Dalmatian's ear. I knew if I could love her after that we would be friends forever! Ah, the troubles of childhood.

How long is your longest friendship?


  1. Aww what a sweet post, I am so lucky to have you! Love you friend..and I love our Saturday's together!