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Fajitas and Pasta?

I saw a quote today that is just too perfect not to share:  "Don't let anyone tell you that fairytales aren't real.  I drink a potion made from magic beans everyday and it brings me back to life" 
- Nanea Hoffman (

So with that being said, I started off the morning with a hot cup of coffee!  Disclaimer:  That creamer is Bailey's brand but it does NOT have alcohol in it!

In the car on the way to the gym, I had a half of a Kashi chewy granola bar.  Why only half?  It's simple, because I didn't have time to drink my whole cup of coffee and eat the whole granola bar in the car by the time I got to the gym!

Kathleen, Rainie and I hit the gym at 5:40 for Molly's strength class.  It definitely made me push myself as always!  I feel like this class is really helping me become stronger in ways that will be beneficial as I age.  Molly really focuses on functional movement so the exercises that she uses involve movements that you will use in day to day life.  I also love that she focuses on form to avoid injury.  You never know what you are going to do in Molly's strength class because it changes each week.  In the past few weeks I have been able to increase from 8 lb weights to 10 lb weights!  

I was so hungry this morning but work was quite busy so it did not allow time for me to eat my morning snack so I just added it to my lunch because by the time lunch time was here I was ravenous! Lunch was a turkey sandwich on Pepperidge Farm thin wheat bread with low fat Swiss cheese and broccoli slaw on it.  I also had my whole wheat crackers with 2 pieces of Babybel light cheese (this was supposed to be my morning snack).  

I had to leave work at 1pm today for a dermatologist appointment.  Over the past few years, I have been very diligent about going to the dermatologist each year to have my skin checked to make sure not moles or spots need to be removed.  I made this appointment because I found a new red spot on my arm and I wanted to get it checked.  The red spot turned out to be nothing and she said I could get it removed for cosmetic reasons if I wanted to but it will not cause harm, but she did find 2 places on my leg that she wanted to remove and send off to be tested.  Being a red head with very fair skin and skin cancer in my family, I am a huge advocate for having a yearly skin check.  

My afternoon snack today was 1/4 cup of Special K Granola with Yoplait 100 calorie peach greek yogurt. 

I met up with Kathleen and Rainie to go to a Birmingham Bloggers meeting which was fun since I am new to this whole blogging thing and I have never been to a blogger meeting before! 

For dinner, I cooked a recipe from skinnytaste (  Recipes from skinnytaste never disappoint!  I made the "One Pot Chicken Fajita Pasta".  Yes, it was as good as it sounds!  Pasta meets fajitas, how could you go wrong with this recipe?  The onions, garlic, peppers and spice blends were the perfect combination for this flavorful dish!  Topping it with Avocado and Cilantro made it taste even better if that is even possible!.  

Liz and I had a roommate dinner tonight while we watched our final episode of Scandal on Netflix.  Liz made her famous Pico de Gallo recipe for our side item.  Liz has mastered making pico. 

Homemade pound cake for dessert tonight!  My mom left me 2 little mini pound cakes when she came this weekend and they are delish!  I had my dessert tonight because starting tomorrow, Rainie and I are cutting out desserts/concentrated sweets for 1 month.  

Off to bed because we are going to Y-cross in the morning at 5:40am! 


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