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Early Morning Runs + Edamame Salad

Today started with a 4 mile run downtown, its starting to feel a little like fall around here...or maybe it was that huge thunderstorm last night that cooled things off...either way, it felt great. I always love to run downtown around the city, but the mornings are exceptionally peaceful with less traffic and people to run around.

 Morning run + my favorite running buddies + coffee + getting to watch the Today Show = my absolute favorite way to start the day 

Breakfast consisted of overnight oats (oats+ raisins + walnuts + yogurt ) enjoyed in a left over cocoa container . Doesn't make for a pretty pictures--but hey-- its realistic, girlfriend lives far away and has to pack all meals ahead of time. 

Snack: enjoyed a granola bar,  I froze some leftover ones from the beach to use during the week. I am loving the recipe from the Minimalist Baker

Lunch: Today was the day of leftover containers. Once again gotta be practical/resourceful here.

Salad: Spinach + what was left of the bleu cheese in the bottom of the bleu cheese container + bell pepper+ edamame salad 

The edamame salad is a great recipe. It adds a good bit of fiber and protein to my salad. Its great eaten by itself as well. Check out the recipe here

Afternoon snack: Banana + PB

After work I headed home to pack because I am heading to the beach again this weekend! My sister, Kelly is competing in a triathlon in Gulf Shores so we are heading down after work tomorrow. We are staying with her fiance that lives in Mobile. It should be a fun weekend! I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't rain and we can fit in some good beach/pool time. 

I made some granola bars to take down for everyone to snack on this weekend. I tried a new recipe from Inspired Taste so hopefully they turn out good! 

After packing and baking, the fam ate dinner. 

Salad: spinach + feta + basalmic dressing and I split a homemade hamburger with my mom

Now to hit the sack early, we are planning on attending the 5:30 am spin class at the Y in the morning. Our favorite teacher Molly (from Tuesday mornings strength class) is teaching it.  I personally love spin. I think its a great cardio exercise and it uses completely different leg muscles than running. Rainie and Virginia don't necessarily share my love for spin. I finally convinced them to give it another try to see if a different teacher and the proper bike set up change their opinion of it! Let's hope they like it!

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