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Beach Bound for Labor Day

The Be Well girls were at it bright and early Friday morning with a 4 mile downtown run. We were feeling patriotic. Labor Day is a patriotic holiday, right?

Back at the Robinson loft, we did some planks, sipped coffee and I made my breakfast while we finished getting ready for work. I think Friday mornings are my favorites now because we get to chat and get ready together for a slower paced morning post run. 

Yesterday's breakfast was an experiment that I didn't hate although I may save it as a recommendation for my failure to thrive kiddos who need the calories! It was a scoop protein powder + 1/4 cup water + 1 half tablespoon chia seeds and finally topped with strawberries. 

Lunch was a salad with blue cheese, walnuts, strawberries, bell pepper on top of kale with Newman's Own Light Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette. On the side I had nonfat Greek strawberry yogurt for protein. 

This morning I woke up in Orange Beach! We left yesterday after work so on the road we stopped at Chipotle. I opted for the steak burrito bowl with grilled veggies, brown rice, no beans, corn, pico de gallo, sour cream, and cheese. It was great but I'm going to stick with chicken next time as the beef was a little pink for me. 

The dinner convo consisted of making a grocery list for the weekend and we were back on the road again...

...With some G Mommas cookies. 

These delicious cookies are made by one of Virginia's friends in Selma. Since we love to support local Alabama food, we had to have some. Only for support, not for our own selfish desires. Nope, not us.

We stopped at Walmart to get all the necessities before making it to the condo. We have a few scheduled meals to eat out and a few we are making at the condo. Us dietitians love to cook- even on vacay! But we went with disposable dishes because we don't love that.

Katie, Emily, and Brooke had a sweet surprise set up for Viriginia once we arrived.

Happy Birthday Virignia!! Of course we had to finish the night off strong with some Blue Eyed Baker brownies.

I thin a lot of people don't realize how beautiful Alabama beaches are! I have always gone to the beach as a kid since it's only about 4 hours away but it wasn't until I went to the west coast that I realized we have something special right at home in Alabama. If you haven't seen them, plan a visit! Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are relaxing towns with great beaches! Here's to a wonderful and relaxing beach weekend! But first, we are up and out for a run (after coffee, of course)!

P.S. Happy game day to this guy!! He's worked hard for this all winter;) Roll Tide!

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