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2 R.D.'s in the West House!

This morning I hit snooze oh about 87 times and did not get out of bed till the absolute last minute I could. I was up late last night celebrating because my little sister, Kelly, passed her R.D. exam yesterday! She is 3 years behind me in school, but did the same internship/grad school program I did at UAB last year and is now finishing up her masters there too.

 Now the West family has 2 Registered Dietitians! I was so happy for her, I remember that feeling 3 years ago when I took it, it's like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders when you pass!

And of course what better way to celebrate than with homemade pizza and some good ol Sam Adams (first Octoberfest of the season)! When the west family makes homemade pizza we do it right, my favorite is the pizza with caramelized onions + bleu cheese + walnuts + arugula! I''ll do a blog post soon featuring all our different pizza combinations and our homemade crust recipe so stay tuned!

So after pulling myself out of bed and getting ready for work I made a Strawberry Protein Smoothie to enjoy while driving in.

Strawberry Protein Smoothie: 2 cups Water + 2 handfuls Strawberries + 1 scoop Vanilla Protein powder -- super complicated I know ;)

I had to give a presentation at work today, and those who know me know that public speaking is one of my least favorite activities EVER!!! They say it gets easier the more you do it...but I disagree. I think it went well but I am just glad its over with. The presentation was at noon so I ate half my lunch before and half after it was over.

My first course was a stale PB&J which was about as good as it sounded. I only ate about half. I made the sandwich a few days ago and then ended up not eating it that day and since I can't ever throw away food I thought I would enjoy it with my salad at lunch. However, apparently PB &J don't hold up for more than about 24 hours. Oh well I tried, Life Lesson learned.

The second course of my lunch was my usual salad. I enjoyed a bright orange bell pepper + spinach + tomatoes + bleu cheese.

With a somewhat stressful work day over with I was so looking forward to our run after work! Virginia, Rainie and I did the usual 4 mile route. I was not wearing my garmin but I feel like we are running faster now that its starting to cool down around here. My cool down I mean it was about 85 vs. 95 degrees, but hey I'll take it!

So thankful for my running buddies, even if they make me look like I'm 8 feet tall :)

After our run I was beat so I headed home and did some things in preparation for the beach this weekend! Virginia, Rainie, Emily, Katie, Brooke and I are all headed down to Orange Beach, Al on Friday after work to enjoy labor day weekend soaking up the sun!

I made 2 batches of granola bars to take to the beach. I used the recipe "5 ingredient granola bars" recipe from the minimalist baker. Virginia has made this recipe before and it was a hit so I decided they would be a good snack to have around this weekend. I love to cook and bake and definitely always appreciate a recipe that has minimal ingredients, especially ones that I generally already have at the house. I subbed pecans for almonds, and raisins for dates and it worked fine!

Check out the recipe here!

After making the bars I had some carrots and peanut butter for dinner. Not exactly a 5 course dinner, I know, but it worked--- you got your carbs, fat and protein. And don't judge the carrots/peanut butter combo, its actually really good, although I admit I was skeptical at first, too.

Now off to do exciting things like laundry on this Wednesday night.  Only 2 more days till a long weekend!

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