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Thursday Mornings with Molly + a PB&J Lunch

We spend our Thursday mornings with Molly at the YMCA and we have a love/hate relationship. She says "if you don't say, ahh I really don't want to do that, then it isn't hard enough!" How great is that?! Or terrible? Depending on which side of the bed you wake up on. Really though, she is so wonderful at what she does. Her workouts are super hard and just when you think you can't do anymore, she switches it up. Her personality is just enough fun for 5:40 am without being to dang chipper. We have been going to her class now pretty consistently and all feel like we are getting stronger. Just when I thought I was getting used to it, I woke up super sore on Friday morning. Some things never change.

After class, I grabbed complimentary Y coffee with one half and half and one packet of Splenda. Nothing too exciting here.

Breakfast was small since I was pretty short on groceries. A peach and a mini Babybel cheese.

At work, I borrowed a neighbors cute desk to take advantage of the sunflowers while enjoying some Dasani Sparkling water.

Lunch was a classic: PB & J! All of the moms at work were talking about packing their childrens' lunches and it really made me crave a good PB & J. It was so great!

I use Smucker's natural Peanut butter and Smucker's reduced sugar strawberry jam on Sara Lee whole grain bread.

Because I knew I would be missing vegetables for the day, I made some tomato and cucumber salad and drizzled it with white vinegar, salt and pepper and packed it alongside my PB & J with an apple.  

Snack time at the usual 3:30pm. I had to share my oh-so-appropriate post it note dispenser. 

At home, I may or may not have eaten an oatmeal raisin cookie while I packed them up for family. Then, went with an easy dinner of oatmeal raisin cereal before I headed to Jasper for the night.
JT says "theyy'rree grrreeeatt"!  

Only, that's not what Raisin Bran says at all... oh well. 

In Jasper, I got to see this cutie! She has taken a few steps this week and will be walking in no time. Crazy how fast she has grown!

Finally, I went to my parents house where we played Catchphrase before calling it a night!

What is your favorite game night game?

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