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{Kathleen}Lets just say T.G.I. F. . After hitting snooze for over half an hour I got up and went straight for the coffee pot. I stayed up too late last night watching The Longest Ride with the Fam, It is a great movie! Its a total chick flick, although my day has now seen it about 4 times and he refuses to admit that it is a girly movie! I kindly replied, "Dad, Nicholas Sparks movies are the definition of chick flicks, you have simply gotten used to girl movies with 4 daughters"!  The movie was great but it was just a late night.

After coffee I made a smoothie to enjoy on the way to work. I put in the last of the frozen blueberries I had in the freezer + frozen banana + protein powder and water.

Mid-morning snack: Homemade granola bar

Lunch: Spinach salad + bleu cheese + walnuts + chia seeds + onions

On Friday a bunch of us #clinnuts all ate lunch together, I was so busy talking I completely forgot to take a picture of my salad. I love when we all have time to eat lunch together, I work with the best group of girls ever!

Afternoon snack: peanuts and raisins

After work Virginia and I headed out for a run, Rainie was off today so she didn't join us. We always run the same 4 mile route when we run after work which is a great route, its flat and we don't have to pay attention to where we are going its just automatic. We opted for a different route today to mix things up! I made sure to wear my garmin watch so we knew how far we had gone. We did 4 miles, we went on the south side of town and it was definitely a hillier route which made for an extra great workout. We totally forgot to take a pic, must have been because we were trying to pay attention to where we were going so we could make it back :)

After our run I headed to my friend Robyn's house to babysit her cute little boy for the night. Will had chicken fingers and blueberries for dinner while I had a PB & J.  I felt it was appropriate to enjoy a PB & J while dining with a 2 year old. We also shared some goldfish while watching Mickey Mouse House. Yay for bringing back the toddler diet tonight.

After Robyn got back home we chatted for a little while and I headed home. Yay for no alarm clock tomorrow morning! Happy Weekend!

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