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Sunday Funday

Today is what I call a lazy Sunday. I did not get out of bed till 10am, which for me is definitely unheard of! I don't think I have slept in that late in years! We had an engagement party for my sister Kelly last night at the house so we didn't got to bed till really late so it felt great to sleep in. I got up and some of my family + some of the Keyser family (Kelly's fiance's family) were drinking coffee in the kitchen. We all drank coffee as everyone else was waking up.

My mom cooked breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs and cheese + biscuits and apple butter + turkey sausage. Everyone sat around the table and ate brunch and drank coffee for a while. I opted for some scrambled eggs and cheese (not pictured) + toast with peanut butter and honey. I enjoy biscuits every now and then but after indulging in party food last night I was trying to get back on track with a little healthier breakfast option.

 My parents decided recently that we really need to take Sunday to rest and enjoy the day and recharge for the week. My family as a whole has a tendency to not ever sit still and often spend Sunday running errands, doing laundry, yard work and starting the week off tired, not well rested.

After brunch we headed out to relax by the pool. Emily and VA came over to join in on the fun. It was nice and sunny out making for a good pool day. After laying out for a little while we all jumped in the pool to cool off. And of course the day would not be complete without some action shots.

Kelly also gave me some swimming lessons for a little while. I took a swimming class in college but have really not swam much since. I would like to be a good enough swimmer to potentially do a triathlon one day and just swim regularly for exercise as it a great non-impact exercise.  

After we all had enough sun we headed inside for a "lupper" (what my family calls a late lunch/early supper) of the party leftovers.

My dad decided to break out the first Sam Adams Octoberfest of the season to enjoy with lupper.

Some of the leftovers consisted of stuffed mushrooms, black bean/corn/feta salsa, sugar and spice pecans, brie, veggies/hummus, cheese and crackers, and my favorite the sun dried tomato - pesto - goat cheese torte! There was also some brownies left to enjoy! Nothing beats some good ol' leftovers!

After letting the leftovers settle. Kelly and I headed out for a walk with the pups (Kate and Riley). We covered 2.5 miles on the neighborhood hills which is always a decent workout.

To continue to lazy Sunday we all showered and decided to watch a movie for the night. I made a smoothie to enjoy while watching the movie. It was made of water + protein powder + frozen berries. 

Now that is what I call a day of rest. Happy Sunday! 

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