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Sips for CF Friday

{Rainie} We didn't meet for our usual morning workout. Kathleen was off work and Virginia decided to sleep in (and run after work) but I opted to take the day off. Since I had a little more time than usual, I made a more enjoyable breakfast- toasted whole wheat English muffin topped with garden tomatoes, fresh Mozzarella and broiled in the oven for 3 minutes. After the cheese was melted, I topped it with Basil and Balsamic vinegar. It was really good! I could get used to slow mornings. 

Lunch came quickly since it was a pretty busy day and consisted of whole wheat penne noodles, cucumber, tomato, black olives, and bell pepper tossed with light Olive Garden Italian dressing. We had chicken alfredo earlier this week and I saved some of the noodles for this pasta salad type dish. It was a great use of leftovers. 

At noon I went to an inservice and ate my yogurt while I listened to the presentation with the other clinnuts.

After the meeting, a few of us walked over to grab some afternoon Starbucks, which is always a good idea. I just love these girls!

Virginia went on an afternoon run, but I headed home to meet JT. We straightened up around the house, ate dinner and got ready for the Sips for CF event that night. I feel like I can't really enjoy a weekend until the house is clean! Anyone else have this struggle?

Dinner was a last ditch effort to not throw away leftovers. JT went with the alfredo and I had the gumbo. Not too bad-- for leftovers. 

Finally, it was time to meet up with the Clinnuts and Mary Lauren for a fun night! Virginia works with the cystic fibrosis population at work so when she told us about their fundraiser, we were all on board! It was a wine tasting event and we figured out the number for the wine we brought and all put our tickets into the same voting box--yet we still lost! We are convinced it was rigged! But a fun night with friends nonetheless!

The Alabama Theater is such a beautiful, classy, and timeless venue. They usually have movies during different seasons and it makes for a fun date night too!

Kathleen is really gangster...

After the party, some of us went to Collins Bar where you tell them what kind of alcohol you like and they make you a different cocktail based on your tastes. Mine tasted like whiskey and pickle juice and I was not a fan so the waitress actually brought another one out for me but I really wasn't into drinking more at that point so we passed it around for tasting. I think it is a great concept of a place, but you really need to know what kind of drink you would like because most of the time, I end up not loving it. After a few hands of Black Jack we headed home. 

Here's to a happy weekend!
Have you been to Collins? What drink combination would be best?

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