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Reliving my childhood

Wednesday morning started with a walk with my mom and 2 pups; (Princess) Kate and Riley. My mom and I started about 5:40 just as it was getting light enough to see outside, we dont like to take the dogs when its dark becuase of deer, coyotes and other dogs that could sneak up on us. It feels great this time of day, its been about 75 degrees and my favorite part is you can see the sunrise :) Our neighborhood is very hilly so we usually walk a 2.5 mile loop that has about 3-4 major climbs to add a little extra intensity to our walks. We hope the hills will slow Kate and Riley down but there is no chance of that, they pull us the whole way, which I think is impressive as Riley is 12 and Kate is 8!


Breakfast was eaten on the way to work per usual. I didn't make it last night so this morning I just threw some walnuts, chia seeds, craisins and Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal on top of what was left of the greek yogurt.

Morning Snack: homemade granola bar

Lunch: I did eat my usual salad but I mixed it up a little bit and added some pulled BBQ chicken, cheddar cheese,  and onions on top of spring mix. I used BBQ sauce as my dressing, it was a good mix-up from my usual salad.

Snack: the usual banana + peanut butter

After work we headed out for our 4 mile loop. We thought about changing things up but then we decided to wait for another day to do that. I think we are all creatures of habit! Instead of the bars at Railroad we decided to stop and checkout this yellow pyramid/climbing gym. We all agreed climbing up on these playground bars was much easier as kids. After failing at the self timer I asked a man (who was there with his toddlers) to take a picture for us...I think he thought we were crazy but whatever :)

I think this photo was Rainie's favorite, she thinks I would have been a fun kid on the playground!

After our run we usually opt for a post-run diet soda, I'm usually not a carbonated drink fan but something about that cold carbonation when your getting back from a 90+ degree run is quite refreshing. Today we all grabbed a diet Grapico (definitely takes me back to my childhood and the many McDonalds happy meals I ate with it) and compared it to the Dasani Sparkling water. It was amazing how much sweeter the diet Grapico was! I really enjoyed the Dasani water,  it was refreshing without all the artificial sweeteners, flavors and phosphoric acid! I am going to have to pick us some at the store for a post run beverage!

We had plans to try out a Pure Barre class that night being offered at railroad park. So after our run we went back grabbed our stuff from the office and headed back to Railroad. We got there in time to eat our packed dinner, it started sprinkling so we headed to a covered area hoping it would pass while we ate our dinner. I packed some sugar snap peas and a good ol' Peanut Butter and Honey (i prefer honey to jelly) and we all decided nothing beats a good ol' PB & J. This is another food item that takes me back to my childhood, I was a very picky eater growing up so when I didn't like what was served my mom made me a PB &J.

Well the rain didn't pass, we could see some intense showers, thunder and lightining over the mountain so we headed back to our cars and all headed home :( Oh well, I'm sure there will be other chances to try Pure Barre again.

When I got home my family was eating so I had a little extra veggies with them.

Then I did exciting things like do laundry and clean bathrooms for the rest of the evening ;)

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