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On Wednesdays We Run + Bamboo Birmingham

{Rainie} Like Virginia mentioned in yesterday's post, we have a pretty set exercise routine these days. I enjoyed sleeping in a little since Wednesday is a post work run day. I leisurely drank coffee and enjoyed a watermelon protein smoothie. JT brought a watermelon from his family's garden and it was a little on the unripened side but since I can't waste anything, I cut it anyway and saved it for smoothies!

Protein Watermelon Crawl:
1 cup fresh watermelon + 1 scoop vanilla protein powder + 1/4 cup water and ice cubes

Lunch was from last night's dinner leftovers. I literally had nothing to cook except chicken so I put it in the crockpot, topped it with corn (frozen cobs left over from farmer's market trips), fresh tomatoes, fresh jalapenos, 1 cup of water, cumin, and cayenne pepper. When I got home from work it smelled like a fiesta in heaven so I made some brown rice to serve with the chicken. I topped it with fat free sour cream, avocado, and cheddar cheese. It was delicious!

No, JT and I don't meet at home for a nice lunch. (#aintnobodygottimefodat) The dinner photo was much prettier than my reheated lunch in plastic container photo so I went with that one!

I finished lunch with some frozen then slightly thawed Greek strawberry yogurt.

Snack time was at my desk and was an over sized apple. This picture explains my day. The eyeliner under my eyes rather than where it should be is a direct result of school forms, phone calls, and faxing for 3 hours. 

Virginia B joined us for our afternoon run. It is always great to see her smiling face! We love the Virginias! We stopped for some push ups and a photo opp. 

Take one:
and two: (that's more like it!)

JT and I decided it was a good night for date night so we walked a block over to the new Japanese restaurant on 2nd Avenue North. Downtown Birmingham is really growing and this new food spot did not disappoint. We joked about how sophisticated we are because probably two years ago, we would not have been on a sushi date.  

We both had a Cahaba Blonde beer. I really didn't want anything to drink the first time the waitress asked, but I was pretty hungry after running so beer sufficed as an appetizer. Is that bad? Nah. Their beer selection was not huge, a few locals: TrimTab and Cahaba; a few Japanese brands, and then domestic bottles. The wine selection was much more vast. I used to be a wine drinker, but I'm really not even much of a drinker anymore, so I go with fancier beers when I do. 

For dinner I chose the WhamBamBirmingham roll. It was tempura shrimp, avocado, and cucumber, topped with salmon. Pretty much all of it was technically cooked so I'm not sure if I would get credit from true sushi fans. JT had the crunchy shrimp roll which was pretty similar and we both commented on how full sushi leaves you feeling!

 I tried to convince my date that we needed the couple in the window seat to trade places with us for food photography purposes. We decided against that.

Next time I would like to try one of their delicious looking soups!

Have you eaten at Bamboo yet?

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