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New Vulcan Friends in Birmingham

I learned three very important things this week and it's only halfway over! 1) you can't put coffee grounds in the garbage disposal if you want it to continue working. 2) Pizza dough is really easy to make and 3) any fruit is good under a crumbly, crisp topping baked for 20 minutes. 

Since I am infinitely smarter than I was last week, I had to eat a sophisticated and summery breakfast of a sliced peach atop cottage cheese. 

I got to meet the Be Well girls and Hiba for lunch on outside tables. 

My good friend, Lauren, came over for dinner Tuesday night and I made the usual tomato, basil pizza. I used the Pioneer Woman's pizza dough recipe but substituted half of the flour for whole wheat flour. Initially, I was afraid it wouldn't work since the dough is significantly more tough than white flour dough, but it turned out to be absolutely delicious! I had leftover pizza with salad for lunch. I like to reuse good glass jars so the Pimiento jar provided a perfect salad dressing container.

On our usual Wednesday afternoon run we found a new Vulcan friend. Kathleen told us that Vulcans on Parade is a new project and creative statues like this one will be popping up all over the city. For more info and how to get involved visit the website! How colorful and fun is this guy?!

Back in the Robinson loft, we still had leftovers that night so dinner was the same as lunch. Don't worry, it's finally finished off so no more pizza in the near future! Plus, my indoor basil plant is on the struggle bus so it is likely not to last much longer. Any tips?! 

Like I said, any fruit under a crisp is perfect. I have been making this crisp a lot lately since it's super easy, goes well with fruit, and with my reduced sugar, increased oats version, it's not even an unhealthy dessert! Recipe coming soon! I would like to try one more change before I decide to stick with this recipe or not. Last night, we had it over pears. JT's family has a lot of fruit trees so we have had pears at home for a while and they made the perfect pear crisp!

What is your favorite fruit crisp?!

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